Elephants need to eat a lot, but are selective

A study in northern West Bengal found elephants are selective with their diet, feeding on less than half the species of plants around them. This is contradictory to the prevalent view that elephants are generalist feeders. Nabarun Guha reports.

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Satellite images reveal impact of frequent cyclones

Scientists examining satellite images find that cyclone-induced damage slows the recovery of mangroves and changes the forest composition in comparison to other regions that didn't witness many cyclones. 

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Are tigers back at the Buxa reserve?

A camera trap sighting of a tiger suggests that ecosystem restoration in Buxa reserve is working. With it comes fresh concerns about the relocation of forest villages.

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Girls get the power to refuse child marriage

In West Bengal, girls are being empowered to refuse early marriage thanks to a state government initiative that enables them to stay longer in school. The Kanyashree Prakalpa scheme has been remarkably successful in curbing child marriage and promoting girl child education, says Saadia Azim.

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Women lead the way in eco-conservation

Women in the Sunderbans region of West Bengal are setting a trend in climate change mitigation through projects under the "Common Property Resource" initiative, and carving new frontiers in livelihood security in the process. Ajitha Menon reports.

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Lone crusader warns school-goers against substance abuse

Moved by a personal tragedy, young Bengali engineer-turned-actor Bobby Chakraborty has launched a singular campaign to educate schoolchildren about the impact of alcohol and other addiction and deter them from the path. Shoma A Chatterji brings us his story.

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Death knell for music?
PROTEST AGAINST PIRACY : Death knell for music?
The recent closure of a landmark music store in the heart of Calcutta is symptomatic of the larger malaise afflicting the music industry. Shoma A Chatterji reports from a gathering of local luminaries to protest the rising menace of piracy in music.
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Female and fearful In Mamata’s Bengal
POLITICAL BRUTE FORCE : Female and fearful In Mamata’s Bengal
Character assassination, social and economic ostracisation and even assault, seem to have become the standard responses to all who protest against the culture of violence against women in West Bengal. Shikha Mukerjee reports on the ground realities in the state.
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Shielding campuses from violence
STUDENT POLITICS IN WB : Shielding campuses from violence
Violence during college union elections, the death of a protesting 22-year-old student in police custody and a resultant chain of events have led to earnest debates in West Bengal over whether students should stay away from active politics. Promona Sengupta explores the reality underlying prevailing sentiments.
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Industrial Tribunal verdict raises hope
SEXUAL HARASSMENT AT WORKPLACE : Industrial Tribunal verdict raises hope
Eleven years after journalist Rina Mukherjee was fired following her allegations of sexual harassment against a senior, the West Bengal Industrial Tribunal passes an order against The Statesman, offering hope of redress for other victims. Navya P K reports.
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Back to the family
RUNAWAYS : Back to the family
Grounded in its feminist views, Praajak works with runaway boys and young men, to give them livelihood options and help them reunite with their families. Shoma Chatterji reports.
Setting the stage on fire
A recent fire at one of Kolkata's major film studios puts the spotlight on the poor condition of these establishments, and the risks faced by the film industry in many buildings. Shoma Chatterji reports.
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All power is within you
MEDICAL AID : All power is within you
The Hathkhola Medical Bank touches thousands of lives each year, quietly and determinedly led by Ashish Das's self-belief. Ruchi Choudhary reports.
Children impacted by forced evictions
Motivated by the media attention in Nandigram, six volunteers of Child Rights and You decided to examine how the urban poor are faring against State-sponsored eviction. Shoma Chatterji reports.
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Trapped from all sides
PROSTITUTION : Trapped from all sides
Young women and girls in red light areas face extreme levels of desperation, stemming partly from poverty, but also because of sheer physical exploitation, even by husbands and fathers. Ruchi Choudhary reports.
  • Population : 99.6 m (2019 est)
  • Area : 88,752 sq.km.
  • Density : 1122/sq. km.
  • Sex Ratio : 950 (2011)
  • Child Sex Ratio : 956 (2011)
  • Literacy : 80.05% (2020)
  • Forest Cover : 19.04% (2019)
  • Lok Sabha MPs : 42
  • Rajya Sabha MPs : 16