Udaipur ponders the impacts of tourism

The rapid growth of the industry has brought jobs and prosperity, but also threatens the city's lakes and hills. A new way forward is needed, with emphasis on sustainability and conservation.

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In search of the elusive female traveller

Most Indian languages do not have a specific word for the female traveller. The traveller is by definition male, a fact that provokes Namrata R Ganneri to delve deeper into the gendered nuances of travel and its implications for women.

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How Sikkim’s casino dream turned sour

Financial irregularities, a probable political conflict of interest and unsavoury social impact have thrown a cloud over the potential of Sikkim’s casino industry, once envisioned to attract revenues for the state from gaming tourism. Soumik Dutta reports.

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All those kinds of gaze
UTTARAKHAND TRAGEDY : All those kinds of gaze

The disaster in Uttarakhand cannot be viewed as a result of isolated factors such as faulty governance or flawed environmental policy. It calls for a more holistic and deeper look at the entire range of issues that are endemic to the mountain region, writes R. Uma Maheshwari

Seaplane grounded!
KERALA TOURISM PROJECT : Seaplane grounded!
The Kerala government's pet 'Seaplane' project, initiated with minimal homework and impact assessment, has run into stiff opposition from environmentalists and local communities. P N Venugopal reports on the developments.
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