HIV-positive or not
AIDS AWARENESS : HIV-positive or not

Shoma A. Chatterji reviews Tamil film Sila Samayangalil, a touching film on AIDS directed by Priyadarshan.

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Surviving stigma: HIV care and the aftermath

Much has been said about India’s success in containing the spread of the AIDS epidemic. But can it build on the progress so far and ensure that survivors receive the dignity and social security they need? Pushpa Achanta’s conversations on the eve of World AIDS Day aren’t heartening.

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50+, and HIV-plus
OLDER PATIENTS : 50+, and HIV-plus

Those in the 50-plus age group form the second largest chunk of HIV infected persons. But this group is clearly not at the heart of the AIDS control programme. Puja Awasthi reports.

Special support needed
CHILDREN WITH AIDS : Special support needed
HIV-positive children in Assam and their families need more than the usual measures of state support for their economic, medical and social needs. Ratna Bharali Talukdar reports.
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Going through with their pregnancies

The risk to the unborn child from an HIV-infected mother is significant, but with advances in science and medical care, more women are hopeful about choosing to keep the child. Puja Awasthi reports.

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HIV and mental disorders
HEALTH CARE : HIV and mental disorders
While those with mental disorders are at increased danger for being infected with HIV, the onset of the virus itself gives rise to a number of mental illnesses. Puja Awasthi reports.
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From awareness campaigns to real change
OPINION: SEX EDUCATION AND GOVERNMENT : From awareness campaigns to real change
Union Human Resource Development (HRD) Minister Kapil Sibal would do well to assess the learnings from two recent and major HIV/AIDS awareness campaigns, before "looking into the ban on sex education", if he really wants to make change, writes Charumathi Supraja.
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Using popular culture to mainstream AIDS
A new anthology AIDS Sutra has 16 renowned literary figures writing about the AIDS epidemic in India and how different communities across the country are grappling with it. Sumita Thapar has more.
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HIV: Looking beyond numbers
WORLD AIDS DAY : HIV: Looking beyond numbers

Debates on HIV estimates often take time away from the real issues - those that can only be shared by people infected and affected by the infection. The issue that is truly critical and demands everyone's attention is that of the stigma and discrimination associated with HIV/AIDS, writes Syed Mohammad Afsar, on World AIDS Day.

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When it comes to HIV, all women are at risk

The expression 'women at risk' can no longer be used to describe only those engaged in sex work, and that strategies to address women's vulnerability to HIV must therefore take into account their varied risks, writes Sumita Thapar.

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Community work making brothels safer

In brothels of West Bengal, there is high awareness of the risk to HIV. Women are not taking any chances. Response to the newly introduced female condom is picking up. Sumita Thapar reports.

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Their secret status and a risky schooling
HIV-positive children are being thrown out of school in Uttar Pradesh by insensitive teachers and parents alike. Many parents are afraid to let schools know that their children are positive, and the state's machinery has failed to raise any awareness, as a major study has shown. Puja Awasthi sounds the warning bells.
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Linkages between HIV-AIDS and gender violence
A six-month research study to understand violence against HIV affected women revealed key contours of pre-contractual and post-contractual threats and risks that women face. Shoma Chatterji reports on a workshop where the findings were discussed.
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The positive lives of Bagalkot
Bagalkot district in Karnataka is today emerging as a model for how AIDS awareness can make all the difference in stemming the disease. It is also showing how it is not impossible to create an atmosphere where HIV positive people can continue to live with freedom, dignity and hope. Ramesh Menon reports.
Devadasis uniting to end 'dedications'
For decades, Karnataka has been haunted by the devadasi tradition where girls were 'dedicated' to goddess Yellama and then turned into sex-workers. Today, determined groups of devadasis of Bagalkot district are bravely stopping the practice, stemming the growth of AIDS and gaining a new respect in society. Ramesh Menon reports.
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