Holding on to a vanishing language

Hundreds of indigenous languages have vanished; many more are spoken by only a few. But as the Asur adivasis of Jharkhand show, it is possible to revive and preserve a language.

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New policy dismays Community Radio activists

While stonewalling their demand to broadcast news, the I&B Ministry has said CR stations can air AIR bulletins instead. Geeta Seshu reports.

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35? You’re too old for AIR!
FM RAINBOW DIKTAT : 35? You’re too old for AIR!

In 2013, Prasar Bharati took a decision to stop broadcasts by all contractual radio presenters above the age of 35 on All India Radio’s FM Rainbow channel. Anoo Bhuyan delves into the dynamics behind this surprising move and examines the larger implications of the same.

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Who will cast the first vote for equality?

On World Radio Day, Ammu Joseph looks at the representation of women in Indian radio and wonders if the medium can play a more significant role in ensuring empowerment and equal participation.

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Why are radio operators worried?
RADIO AUDIENCE MEASUREMENT : Why are radio operators worried?
In the last 12 months, at least two radio stations have withdrawn their subscriptions to Radio Audience Measurement, the key measurement currency of listenership in India. Vaishnavi Vittal explores the covert conflict between the RAM provider and the radio operators and advertisers.
Unexpected sounds on Southern radio
One would think that Hindi and Kannada music would never play in Chennai on radio, and Bangalore because of its unique history would surely have Tamil and Telugu songs on air. And Hyderabad must have one Hindi station. Wrong, finds Vaishnavi Vittal. The Great Indian South is one big surprise!
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The people's airwaves, but controlled

Seventeen years after the Supreme Court ruled that the government cannot restrict content on radio, it remains impossible for independent news to be aired on radio channels. Navya P K reports.

Sangham Radio making waves
This first all-women community radio in Asia being aired from Medak district in Andhra Pradesh is a genuine story of rural and women empowerment. Ramesh Menon reports from Medak.
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Guide to getting a community radio license

Applying for and getting a license to set up a community radio station in India is convoluted. A new publication offers a step-by-step guide to the entire process along with useful information on how and what to prepare before applying.

Mouthpiece of change
COMMUNITY RADIO : Mouthpiece of change

The government's recent CR policy is considered a big leap forward in enabling people to participate in the mass media. The next five years may see some self-help groups, fisherfolk and farmer groups, in areas remote and near, bid for radio stations of their own. Malvika Kaul reports.

Community radio gets its day

After years of meetings, letters, discussions, workshops, petitions, and even some international pressure, New Delhi has decided to move forward and open up radio broadcasting in a way it never was until now. Subramaniam Vincent says radio will be the winner, and there's much more to be done.

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Between the cup and the lip
COMMUNITY RADIO POLICY : Between the cup and the lip

The government proposes to allow NGOs and other non-profits to run low power radio stations with limited advertising. CR advocates and broadcasters are keeping their fingers crossed.

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'Mischievous chatter' brings change
In a society where children are never consulted, parents in an Andhra Pradesh district are looking at their children with new respect. Village children, determined to transform their communities, are writing and producing a Telugu community radio programme, 'Allari Muchchatlu'. Komilla Raote reports.
Voices of the marginalised

In the poorest part of Jharkhand, community radio has become an important instrument for the development of neglected communities, Pratibha Jyoti reports.

Radio policy: untying the knots

The government continues to defy the Supreme Court's orders on establishing more free and better regulated broadcasting. At the same time, its sky-high license fees have driven profit out of the industry. Subramaniam Vincent notes the knots the Broadcasting Ministry has tied itself into.

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