Jumping into the fray themselves

Disillusioned by the total lack of responsiveness from mainstream parties to their plight, displaced tribals from Polavaram decide to contents the assembly elections themselves. R Uma Maheshwari reports.

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POLITICAL HISTORY : /congress-op-ed
Despite what it has done to itself in recent years, history should still remember the Indian National Congress as one of the great political parties of the modern world. That, says Ramachandra Guha, explains why he is particularly angry with it.
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  • Population : 1.5 m (2019 est)
  • Area : 3,702 sq.km.
  • Density : 428/sq. km.
  • Sex Ratio : 973 (2011)
  • Child Sex Ratio : 942 (2011)
  • Literacy : 88.70% (2020)
  • Forest Cover : 60.43% (2019)
  • Lok Sabha MPs : 2
  • Rajya Sabha MPs : 1