Podcasts from Takshashila Institution.
India Together has partnered with The Takshashila Institution to bring our readers all episodes of the policy chat podcast series, All Things Policy. The podcasts are tagged based on the taxonomy IT uses to archive its own content, so readers can find the various episodes in the respective Section and Topic pages.
  • A repository of India’s land laws
  • What are the Quad’s plans in biotech?
  • Effect of the pandemic on pediatric obesity
  • Emerging technologies from chinese point of view
  • First step towards a global pandemic response treaty
  • In Apple CCI antitrusts
  • Our 2021 reading list (Part 3)
  • Omicron: milder or more lethal for India?
  • Citizen’s role in availing welfare services
  • Interrogating industrial policies for semiconductors
  • Why China’s technical standardisation strategy matters
  • A year – end review of China Tech
  • The year gone by in tech policy
  • Our 2021 reading list (Part 2)
  • Will Russia invade Ukraine?