Podcasts from Takshashila Institution.
India Together has partnered with The Takshashila Institution to bring our readers all episodes of the policy chat podcast series, All Things Policy. The podcasts are tagged based on the taxonomy IT uses to archive its own content, so readers can find the various episodes in the respective Section and Topic pages.
  • The shadow pandemic: Impact of COVID-19 on mental health in India
  • A global overview of COVID-19 booster shots
  • Creating an epidemic intelligence agency
  • Can vaccine mandates work?
  • Vaccinating kids: A parent’s perspective
  • Making public health more equal
  • Tackling mis/disinformation on vaccines
  • Vaccines and intellectual property
  • Battling future disease waves
  • The race to acquire vaccines
  • Reflecting on India’s COVID-19 vaccination strategy
  • Rethinking Indian healthcare
  • Is it safe to breathe in India?
  • Can India meet its COVID-19 vaccination target?
  • China's Vaccine Diplomacy