Podcasts from Takshashila Institution.
India Together has partnered with The Takshashila Institution to bring our readers all episodes of the policy chat podcast series, All Things Policy. The podcasts are tagged based on the taxonomy IT uses to archive its own content, so readers can find the various episodes in the respective Section and Topic pages.
  • How Indians shaped their Constitution
  • The Constitution & India’s democracy
  • A single source for all laws?
  • A new law for Assisted Reproductive Technology?
  • Trustbusters! What the Microsoft case teaches us about antitrust
  • Is the FTC suit against Facebook fair?
  • Is corporate ownership of banks a good idea?
  • Lessons to learn on Big Tech regulation
  • The political theatre of Section 230
  • To break or not to break: Discussing the US Congressional Report on Antitrust
  • China's blueprint for data security
  • Does Facebook risk antitrust action?
  • Online fashion Vs Amazon
  • WhatsApp Pay antitrust case
  • State of India's Judiciary