26 MARCH 2019
States : Rajasthan
Health to the beat of drums
Simple interventions and sustained joint efforts by civil society groups and the local panchayat have resulted in significant improvements in communication and increase in health awareness in some of Rajasthan's most backward districts. Swapna Majumdar reports.
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Discarding veils, embracing change
Displaying extraordinary grit, courage and openness to change, women from some of the most feudal communities in Rajasthan's villages are changing the rules forever and leading development and local governance at the grassroots. Abha Sharma brings us their tales.

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A town full of surprises
Jhunjhunu's example can be emulated by other towns of this size. The work of the local groups has been diluted by institutionalisation, but mobilising people continues to pay dividends, writes Kalpana Sharma.

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Relocation of settlements is healing Sariska
Twenty-one families were relocated from the core area of Sariska Tiger Reserve to a newly built township last year. The signs are that this has gone off well both for the people and the forests, reports Malini Shankar.

Skip the loo, my darling
Things are looking up says a beaming Usha Chaumar, 33, formerly a manual scavenger. "We make pickles, vermicelli and 'papad' (spicy savouries) at home, too, which gets us an additional income of around Rs 2,000 per month." Renu Rakesh has more.

Relocation of tigers to Sariska proceeds, amidst caution
Two tigers have been relocated from Ranthambore to Sariska tiger reserve, but wildlife conservationists are not about to rejoice, given the extent of work pending at Sariska to reverse past wrongs. Malini Shankar digs deeper.

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Taking stock of Sariska
It is now over three years since the wiping out of tigers in the Sariska reserve. Sariska was India's second tiger crisis in less than two decades. Have the issues that arose as a result of the wakeup call been addressed? Malini Shankar finds out.

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A mother's touch at school
An innovative program of education for young children achieves the twin objectives of encouraging more families to send their girls to school, as well as giving the teachers a greater sense of autonomy over their own lives. Malvika Kaul reports on the Mother-Teacher Programme.

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Pioneering school faces new obstacles
This 15-year-old school in Rajasthan has been providing quality education accessible to poor children. But going against the spirit of a High Court order, the Jaipur Development Authority has asked the Bandhyali school to pay a prohibitive sum for its allotted land. Deepa A reports.

Cry, my beloved school
A wide-cross section of academicians and civil society organisations have come together to express dissent at the threat of closure of a well known rural school in Bandhyali, Rajasthan. They are demanding that the government honour its own commitments to provide free, good education to all children, reports Deepti Priya Mehrotra.

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Savita's choice
Hundreds of child marriages are held across Rajasthan with no one stopping them. Tiny boys and girls, some of them asleep and all of them unaware of what is happening, are betrothed to each other. The reality sinks in when the children attain puberty by which time they are told they have no choice. But they do, writes Kalpana Sharma.

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Silicosis - a 'dusty' tale in Rajasthan
The lung dust that hundreds of thousands of mineworkers in Rajasthan are exposed to takes a severe toll on their health and lives. The rules meant to protect them, however, have yet to be dusted off the shelves. Deepak Malik recounts the history of the mineworkers' plight.

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Media campaign brings hope to desert
Shortage of water has been a tale of woe in Rajasthan for decades. But this year, the state's largest circulated Hindi daily, Rajasthan Patrika, has motivated around 155,000 volunteers to clean up 388 discarded traditional ponds and wells. Ramesh Menon reports from Jaipur.

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