28 FEBRUARY 2021

India Together provides fellowships to journalists and development researchers to write a series of articles on a selected topic over a period of 6-9 months. The fellowships are intended to help writers explore and articulate (and readers understand) the public interest in the topics taken up.


Fellowships at India Together are usually announced based on financial support from readers; as and when sufficient funds are available for a new fellowship, a call for interested authors will be published on this site, and made known through other channels. Interested authors may then apply to be considered for the fellowship. In some cases, authors can also propose to write a series of articles on a specific topic, even if funds to support such work through a fellowship are not already available. Such proposals will be reviewed as and when they are submitted, and if selected for future awards, they will be finalised as and when there is sufficient financial support for it.


The fellowships are primarily for journalism, to promote a discourse on development issues and challenges. Therefore, preference will be given to those who have previously worked as journalists, either in a media organisation or as freelancers. Applications from those who have focused on development issues in the past will also be considered in preference to those of others.


At the beginning of each fellowship, India Together will agree with each selected fellow what the focus of all the articles in a series will be, and thereafter leave it to the author to develop the material. Each article must be original and directly sourced by the author. Articles must be in English, and must be material that is not submitted elsewhere for publication or use in any way, and must be based on the author's first-hand or verified knowledge of the material presented in it. Also, articles must be in reporting format - i.e. based on news and events, research findings, public data, etc, and not in the form of an opinion piece.

Within the chosen topic, the approach to each article may be on one or more of the following - investigation of events and developments of significant public interest; anecdotal evidence of the impacts of events, policies and other developments from the lives of individuals and communities; examination of the implications of events and developments on citizens' constitutional and other rights; and documentation of the trends and dynamics of social change processes. India Together is also open to other approaches that are proposed by fellowship recipients and pre-agreed with the publication at the start of the series.


India Together is primarily a reader-supported publication, and the fellowships too are similarly funded. Each fellowship typically includes a fixed amount of grant funds to support the authors who are selected. India Together strives to ensure that this funding is at market rates for freelance journalism. However, apart from the grant to the authors, there is no additional funding available to cover costs of work.


The policies for republication of articles under the fellowship program will be the same as those applicable to other original content in India Together.


Upon completion of the fellowship series, India Together will provide documentary certification of the same to the author.