18 DECEMBER 2018
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Defeating the deadly diarrhea

Diarrhea is one of the leading causes of child mortality in our country. Reasonably priced vaccines backed by the government are now available to help stop this malady, says Swapna Majumdar.

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A sudden cloud over Maharashtra’s nutritional progress
Data from the recently released District Level Household and Facility Survey shows disheartening figures for nutritional indicators, when compared to the last national survey. Shambhu Ghatak delves deeper into the state’s nutrition records and also tracks where others stand.

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Barefoot auditors ensure health for tribal mothers
In the tribal villages of Nandurbar district of Maharashtra, committed social workers are improving the health and lives of mothers and children by spreading awareness about the needs of women and girls. Dilnaz Boga brings you their stories.

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Why Bihar’s child is different from Himachal’s
The Integrated Child Development Services scheme was launched to address the nutrition, health and learning needs of all children below six years of age. Ankita Aggarwal shares findings from a survey that point to the huge variations in implementation and effectiveness.

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Tackling preventable blindness through screening in schools
Various independent studies and research reveal close to 20 per cent of students across India suffering from some degree of visual impairment. A new initiative from the Nayonika Eye Care Charitable Trust seeks to correct this through the combined efforts of a wider network.

Obesity: Are parents responsible?
Junk food, lack of exercise, poor parenting and modern lazy lifestyles are all triggers for obesity among children, which is turning out to be a major health hazard in present-day India, says Ramesh Menon.

Neglecting children a blunder: Sen
The National Food Security Bill is an important step towards ensuring the country's founding principles of health, education and nutrition services for all, but can achieve that end only when it addresses children's entitlements more effectively, argues economist Amartya Sen in a speech given in New Delhi on 15 February 2013.

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A child's trauma, the media's madness
The media's coverage of a young girl's humiliation in her school is totally devoid of objectivity or even plain common sense, making things even worse. Shoma Chatterji reports.

Children Human Rights
Inflation: perception and reality
There is an urgent need for reliable and transparent consumer price indices that covers the large majority of Indian families, from the poorest upwards. Kannan Kasturi reports.

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Hot ash burns child to death
Illegal dumping of industrial waste around Raigarh takes the life of 7-year-old Twinkle Thakur, raising familiar troubling questions about the trajectory of 'development' in India. Kanchi Kohli reports.

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Jumping into the fray themselves
Disillusioned by the total lack of responsiveness from mainstream parties to their plight, displaced tribals from Polavaram decide to contents the assembly elections themselves. R Uma Maheshwari reports.

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The dull days of White Gold
Across India, cotton growers make up the largest group of the over 180,000 farmers who committed suicide between 1997 and 2007. There's nothing like an election to spur policy change, though, notes P Sainath.

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Dismal breastfeeding rates hampering infant health
Statistics are staggeringly in favour of breastfeeding, and surprising as it may be, breastfeeding rates in India are dismal. Krithika Ramalingam digs deeper into the factors at play.

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