19 JANUARY 2019
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More money for more dust

Harapriya Nayak and Santosh Dora share their experience of working with the tribals of a small village in Odisha, who were suffering because of heavy mining happening in their area and how they brought about a change.

Mining Environment

Residents using rule of law to secure justice
Hasmukh Dhumadia narrates his experience of helping the local residents of a village in Gujarat in their fight for environmental justice.

Graveyard of ships struggles to survive
One of the largest ship-breaking yards in the world at Alang in Gujarat is crumbling as the EU Commission and the Supreme Court are now putting pressure to get them to create modern environmentally friendly facilities. If they do not do it, the graveyard of ships will die says Ramesh Menon.

Labour Issues Environmental Hazards Environment
Residents of a municipal dumping site fight back
The women of Meghpar village of Kutch District are fighting the big port town Gandhidham municipality which is dumping its waste in their village. Vimal Kalavadiya and Shvetangini Patel report from Kutch.

Waste People Women
How non-compliance is condoned: A short story
Evidence of violation of environment regulation by the Adani group in their Mundra Port and SEZ Ltd and the Waterfront Development Project have been found. Kanchi Kohli reports on why both the projects are still moving ahead.

Environment Environmental Law and Regulation
Ishrat Jahan case: Is the political furore skirting the core issue?
The Ishrat Jahan case has again hit the headlines with former home minister P Chidambaram being accused of rewriting an affidavit to prove the 19-year-old’s innocence. But the legal probe into whether she was a victim of an extra-judicial killing seems forgotten. Ramesh Menon presents a recap and investigates where things stand now.

Government Human Rights
In Vapi, can decades of damage be finally turned around?
Rapid industrial growth brought wealth but also unchecked pollution to the town of Vapi. It impacted the local fishing communities by destroying their livelihoods. Manisha Goswami and Bharat Patel report on the decades of damage caused by the chemical industries in the area.

Livelihood Environment
How ‘smart’ is Ahmedabad?
As the Prime Minister launches his vision for cities in the country, it is pertinent to ask what his record has been in the largest city of the state where he was Chief Minister before becoming PM. A recent study finds many pluses, and some minuses. Darryl D'Monte reports.

Urban Cities Government Urban Poor
When a tsunami is manufactured
In view of the alleged corruption in rehabilitation of dam-affected families, the Jabalpur HC has imposed a stay on the decision to raise the height of the Narmada dam further. Recalling the history of the project till date, Himanshu Upadhyaya asks why a higher dam should be considered at all.

Water Government Displacement Human Rights
Should Modi now steer India towards Gujarat?
Throughout the campaign of Narendra Modi, the Gujarat development model had been widely credited with the potential to change India’s future. As the new government completes a month in power, Ramesh Menon stresses the need to seriously question if it is really one that should be replicated in every Indian state.

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Why I wouldn’t mind Modi’s 'juggernaut'
In response to an earlier piece by Leo Saldanha on India Together, Prakash Belawadi argues that many of the points raised by Saldanha in particular, may not be so incriminating after all.

Government Opinions OP-ED
Could Modi be a development disaster?
If the cost of ecological damage and social deprivation are accounted for, Narendra Modi will only be half as tall as he is made out to be, says Ashish Kothari, issuing a grave warning.

Elections Environment Government Human Rights
When a river is reduced to an adjective
The labelling of Arvind Kejriwal as ‘anti-Narmada’ by political cadres in Gujarat is only in keeping with a long-standing culture of discouraging any dialogue on the river itself and gagging dissent at large, says Himanshu Upadhyaya.

Water Government OP-ED
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