16 JANUARY 2019
CRZ: Why coastal communities are troubled by these three letters

Lack of clarity over legal requirements, shoddy implementation and selective approvals have made it extremely difficult for poorer communities to build or maintain their houses in coastal zones. Vinod Patgar describes the situation based on his experience in Karnataka.

Fisheries Environment

The promises of Tadri: Mirage or reality?
As environmental clearance on the proposed Tadri port in Karnataka is awaited, Dina Rasquinha and Aarthi Sridhar discuss how assumed future benefits of the port have been projected in complete disregard of the natural, environmental gifts that the region enjoys.

Environment Government Laws
What's in that compost you are using: burnt waste?
A citizen’s probe unearths a racket in which toxic burnt waste is sold to farmers in the garb of vermicompost; what’s more, the packaging indicates involvement of a composting firm under the government. Shree D N and Akshatha M report from Bengaluru.

Urban Waste Environment
Workers, not beggars
Recent incidents, where sex workers were detained by the police and subsequently forced into a state shelter for beggars, are symptomatic of the continuous harassment faced by them and a basic lack of understanding of their realities. Pushpa Achanta elaborates.

Gender Laws and Policy Human Rights Women
A rocky road for Gram Swaraj
The Karnataka Panchayat Raj Act Amendment Committee suggested reforms in the 1993 legislation to realise the ideal of decentralisation in letter and spirit. Nandana Reddy, a core member of the committee, holds the state accountable for the manner in which it has dealt with the report and proposed amendments.

Panchayats OP-ED Laws
How Karnataka's mega port project is bending the rules
Legal and procedural lapses as well as disregard of critical public submissions mar the environmental impact assessment of the proposed Tadadi Port in Karnataka. Kanchi Kohli reports.

Environment Environmental Law and Regulation
GPOD: Bringing management principles to gram panchayats
As Gram Panchayats in Karnataka go to the polls this year, Madhavi Rajadhyaksha explores the untapped potential of these grassroots institutions and suggests ways in which their capabilities may be leveraged and capacity strengthened.

Panchayats Government
Where the fight against extremism is far from over
The Karnataka government’s attempts to reintegrate Naxals into the mainstream through the provision of a surrender and rehabilitation package have met with only limited success. Akshatha M reports on the realities on the ground.

Law and Order Government Human Rights
A school for me too
The Nanagu Shaale programme of a Karnataka-based NGO shows why the national Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan's provision of home-based education for children with special needs may in practice defeat the ideological objective of inclusion. Satarupa Sen Bhattacharya reports.

Education Law and Policy Disability Education
When legal redress isn't enough to protect children
Hospital-based Collaborative Child Response Units can go a long way in providing immediate medical attention, minimising secondary trauma, and ensuring that children abused sexually get adequate social support. Vinita A Shetty looks at why these CCRUs are so critical for minor victims.

Children Justice Human Rights
Tackling preventable blindness through screening in schools
Various independent studies and research reveal close to 20 per cent of students across India suffering from some degree of visual impairment. A new initiative from the Nayonika Eye Care Charitable Trust seeks to correct this through the combined efforts of a wider network.

Child health Health
NREGA workers kept waiting for wages
A performance audit of the National Rural Employment Guarantee Act in Karnataka reveals delayed payment of wages, sometimes by three months or more, to nearly five lakh workers under the scheme during the period 2009-12. Himanshu Upadhyaya looks at the key audit findings and connects the dots.

Labour Issues Public Funds Government
Life in uneasy forest terrain
In July this year, the B Marappa Memorial Trust and the Karnataka Forest Department honoured 14 professionals for their commitment towards and excellence in forest and wildlife protection. Bosky Khanna talks to two of them about their work, motivation and challenges.

Forests Environment
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