22 April 2018
States : Odisha
Setback for optimal river basin planning

Shripad Dharmadhikary explains why setting up a tribunal to resolve the Mahanadi Water Dispute will not help the people or the river.

Environment Chhatisgarh

Diversion of funds mars tribal welfare plans In spite of the development and welfare plans and programs implemented since Independence, the tribals of our nation remain the most marginalised group. There are many valid reasons for this as Abhijit Mohanty finds out when he looks into the existing Tribal Sub Plan funds and what's happening with it.
Government Caste Adivasis
Saving forests: Women sentinels of Gunduribadi The women of Gunduribadi, a small tribal village in Odisha, go out daily for thengapalli or forest patrolling around their village. They are also members of their Forest Protection Committee which decides how to manage the forest and its resources. Sonali Pattnaik spent a day with these sentinels of Gunduribadi to find out how this movement has restored the forest and empowered the villagers.
Forests Adivasis Women
Reversing fate through love for land, forests and water Abhijit Mohanty brings us the story of certain tribal villages in Koraput district of southern Odisha that have successfully overcome the challenges posed by denudation and inadequate irrigation and have etched out a path towards food security and well-being.
Agriculture Forests Adivasis
Three villages that show why land acquisition needs a rethink Three million forest dwellers in Odisha are estimated to have been displaced since independence by various industrial and hydro-projects, among which the Upper Indiravati Hydro Project is one. Abhijit Mohanty brings us the story of three tribal settlements uprooted by it.
Displacement Land Poverty
Farming for self-reliance in Kalahandi The struggle to feed themselves and their families round the year drives millions of farmers in remote rural areas to desperate measures. Abhijit Mohanty’s story shows how sustainable agriculture has helped farmers in Odisha’s backward Kalahandi district pull themselves out of poverty and food insecurity.
Food Security Organic Agriculture Livelihood
‘Lighting up’ the lives of the poor A renewable energy project covering three of Odisha’s most backward villages has gone beyond the immediate promise of providing electricity, bringing about perceptible and deeper changes in the quality of lives of the local people. Abhijit Mohanty reports on the project.
Energy Government Poverty
A new course for iron ore mining in Odisha Rejection of regularisation of mines operating beyond lease areas and compensation for other violations being used for tribal welfare are among the recommendations of a recent report on mining in the state. Kanchi Kohli places the key points in context.
Mining Environment Environmental Law and Regulation
A better life through literacy The broad-based Community Based Functional Literacy Campaign launched by the State Resource Centre of Rayagada, Orissa aims to educate women and drop-out girls in three of the most backward districts of the state. Abhijit Mohanty summarises the key take-aways so far.
Girls' Education Education Government Adivasis
A battle that hasn’t been won in nine years With numerous court cases, regulatory rulings and pending environmental clearances behind it, the South Korean steel major POSCO still persists with its plans in India. Kanchi Kohli looks at the latest in the case and wonders why.
Mining Environment Environmental Law and Regulation
For distraught Phailin survivors, life is little consolation Their shelters and livelihoods ravaged by the deadly recent cyclone, many women along Odisha's coastline are are so bereft of any hope for the future that they feel it would have been better to be among the dead. Sarada Lahangir meets some of them.
New report on POSCO - who's listening? The report of the Roy Paul Committee set up by the MoEF to examine and act on the earlier judgment of the Green Tribunal recommends several studies and assessments, but few of those seem to have been considered in the most recent appraisal. Kanchi Kohli reports.
Environment Government Environmental Law and Regulation
Niyamgiri gets some time to breathe The battle between Sterlite Industries and tribal communities over mining in the Niyamgiri hills may not be just over yet, but the most recent Supreme Court judgment empowering the gram sabha has come as a temporary reprieve for the people. Kanchi Kohli reports.
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