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Mar 01 2003
Making agriculture attractive
With the 2003-4 budget giving agriculture the go-by, Devinder Sharma outlines five criteria that nation's finance minister must keep in mind while crafting budgetary policy for agriculture.
Mar 01 2003
Mangalore airport : Runaway runway?
A recent Supreme Court order has said that the Government shall build a second runway only in full compliance the law.
Mar 01 2003
Interlinking rivers : Epitaph for the displaced
S G Vombatkere points out the future that awaits those who will be displaced, given India's track record in 'rehabilitation and compensation'.
Mar 01 2003
Public services in a weak civil society
Fourth in a series of articles adapted from the book Holding the State to Account by Samuel Paul of the Public Affairs Center, Bangalore, the author looks at the weaknesses in civil society as a factor for our ailing public services.
Mar 01 2003
Lady Courage
From being deprived of the most basic liberties, Anita Dhangda has travelled many miles, and the lessons of that passage make her determined to succeed in her new role.
Mar 01 2003
Patent nonsense
Nothing exposes the hollowness of the claims corporations now make to intellectual property as much as their own histories, says George Monbiot.
Mar 01 2003
Crisis of Governance: Stirrings in the Corporate Sector
There is now a quiet but intense debate within some segments of the corporate sector on the crisis in governance due to communalism, says Rajni Bakshi.
Mar 01 2003
Making a Govt Scheme work
Kathyayini Chamaraj looks at a civil society partnership that is catalysing a government urban poverty alleviation programme.
Mar 01 2003
What ails our Public Services? -- II
Is incompetence and lack of motivated the cause for the malaise? Second in the series of articles adapted from the book Holding the State to Account by Samuel Paul of the Public Affairs Center, Bangalore.
Mar 01 2003
Beware the benevolent partisan
The India Together editorial.
Mar 01 2003
Why we will say 'no'
While arguing that he is doing what he is to make the world more peaceful and stable, in fact George Bush has pushed the world closer to greater conflict and war, says Kalpana Sharma.
Mar 01 2003
Our own schools
With help from formal learning centres, CRY, and the Dalit and Adivasi Liberation Trust, Orissa's forgotten villages work to control their own destinies.
Mar 01 2003
The Times, they are a-changing
Editorials by advertisers are terrible, but the rot in the media isn't new. The gradual introduction of small doses of poison into the body of this profession began a long time ago, says Sidharth Bhatia.
Mar 01 2003
Waiting in the wings
Marginalised communities continue to demonstrate that they can own and operate their own media to ensure that their voices are heard. But is the Government looking their way, asks Ashish Sen.
Mar 01 2003
Corruption and public services
Third in the series of articles adapted from the book Holding the State to Account by Samuel Paul of the Public Affairs Center, Bangalore, the author looks at the Corruption factor.
Mar 01 2003
Little by little, Keradi gets better
Led by children themselves, and ably assisted by concerned adult guidance, a remarkable Children's Council gives true meaning to citizenship and informed choices.
Mar 01 2003
Elections : Disclosures now Mandatory
Jayprakash Narayan on the recent SC judgement that reinstated mandatory discloures from election candidates.
Mar 01 2003
PROOF: Q3, Sustaining the partnership
An update from the Bangalore's Public Records of Operations and Finance (PROOF) campaign.
Mar 01 2003
Limited nuclear war, limitless anxiety
As 'limited war' doctrine evolves to 'limited nuclear war', the strategic necessities as well as their implications for the polity must be repeatedly examined, says Firdaus Ahmed.
Mar 01 2003
Partnerships for a Cleaner "South"
Tackling the globalization of waste requires new partnerships that span national boundaries and different sectors of society, says Ravi Agrawal.
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