23 October 2017
Feb 01 2003
Democratising the Panchayats
The Government of Karnataka's Working Group on Decentralization discusses mechanisms for democratizing decision making in Panchayats. This is the third in a series of articles adapted from the Working Group's 2002 report.
Feb 01 2003
Interlinking: Needs to be publicly debated - III
S G Vombatkere writes his concluding opinion on the series on the proposed gigantic network of interlinked rivers.
Feb 01 2003
What ails our Public Services? -- I
An assessment of factors from the book Holding the State to Account by Samuel Paul of the Public Affairs Center, Bangalore.
Feb 01 2003
Restored from the ruins
A South Marathwada village reconstructs itself after the devastating earthquake, with help from Jnana Prabodhini. Sayli Udas reports.
Feb 01 2003
Suppressing criticism
Science's biggest tragedy, as we are reminded by the Columbia disaster, is that truly independent criticism is simply gone from its midst, says Devinder Sharma.
Feb 01 2003
Importing of Hazardous Waste
Kishore Wankhade peers into a 2002 inquiry report into the disappearance and fast-track clearance of hazardous wastes from India's Ports.
Feb 01 2003
A debt we can do without
While the West has abandoned the realism of the past century and has now turned to cooperation in pursuing common goals, South Asia remains trapped in this old paradigm, says Firdaus Ahmed.
Feb 01 2003
Not quite as planned or promised
The World Bank's Inspection Panel finds that a Bank-backed coal mine disrupted livelihoods by violating guidelines on resettlement, supervision, and the environment.
Feb 01 2003
Business with humanitarian goals
Kris Herbst profiles how David Green has propelled Aurolab into a model corporation that manufactures 'expensive' medical products at rock-bottom prices.
Feb 01 2003
Dignity though Papad making
Lijjat Papad does not turn its women into millionaires, but its the realization of dignified self-employment that is its success, says Arun Srivastav.
Feb 01 2003
Tribal autonomy a step for peace
New Delhi concedes a long-standing Bodo demand to set up an independent council for the tribal people, and demands that rebels now disarm.
Feb 01 2003
The condom, the moon and the finger
For AIDS prevention education to be successful, powerful gender-sensitive messages must replace the nebulous 'moral framework', argues Anita Anand.
Feb 01 2003
Out of the Wreckage
By tearing up the global rulebook, the US is in fact undermining its own imperial rule, but in this there lies an opportunity for global democracy, says George Monbiot.
Jan 10 2003
Small change in bonded labour
Human Rights Watch finds hundreds of thousands of children working as virtual slaves in India's silk industry. and calls on the government to enforce the laws.
Jan 01 2003
All work and no childhood
Francoise Remington's Forgotten Children works to free children from the cruely of labour.
Jan 01 2003
Where did our money go?
A social audit of the Corporation of Delhi finds public money is routinely redirected away from the purposes it is intended for. But citizens can monitor its uses, as Parivartan shows.
Jan 01 2003
Reinventing Rural Governance
The Government of Karnataka's Working Group on Decentralization discusses transparency and accountability for rural self-governance in the state. The first in a series of articles adapted from the Working Group's 2002 report.
Jan 01 2003
Media, democracy and citizenship
A prerequisite of democracy is the democratization of communication, which in turn requires the empowerment of individuals.
Jan 01 2003
Improving Accountability in Panchayati Raj
The Government of Karnataka's Working Group on Decentralization discusses institutions for upward accountability in Panchayati Raj. The second in a series of articles adapted from the Working Group's 2002 report.
Jan 01 2003
Seeding hopes for food security
The Malenadu home garden and seed exchange network in the Uttara Kannada district of Karnataka has made an impressive beginning in saving seed diversity says Sunita Rao.
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