13 December 2017
Feb 01 2003
A scientific fairytale
Has the introduction of Bt Cotton been successful? The deliberate attempt to find a "yes" answer has required a lot of incredulous 'science', says Devinder Sharma.
Feb 01 2003
A debt we can do without
While the West has abandoned the realism of the past century and has now turned to cooperation in pursuing common goals, South Asia remains trapped in this old paradigm, says Firdaus Ahmed.
Jan 10 2003
Small change in bonded labour
Human Rights Watch finds hundreds of thousands of children working as virtual slaves in India's silk industry. and calls on the government to enforce the laws.
Jan 01 2003
Big fish, little fish
Sunderban fishermen are caught between court directives and politicians limiting their traditional lives, and large trawlers that operate unfettered by those same overseers.
Jan 01 2003
Barefoot, female and a Solar Engineer
The Social Work Research Centre addresses community problems by building upon people's skills, and placing the solutions in their own hands.
Jan 01 2003
To right the wrongs of development
Policies on development have been ignored with impunity. Little wonder, then, that the language of people's demands now centers on "rights", says Videh Upadhyay.
Jan 01 2003
Urban Water: Judicial recipes falling short
Reviewing recent High Court and Supreme Court rulings, Videh Upadhyay comments on judicial recipes for protecting urban water bodies
Jan 01 2003
Media, democracy and citizenship
A prerequisite of democracy is the democratization of communication, which in turn requires the empowerment of individuals.
Jan 01 2003
Seeding hopes for food security
The Malenadu home garden and seed exchange network in the Uttara Kannada district of Karnataka has made an impressive beginning in saving seed diversity says Sunita Rao.
Jan 01 2003
India-Pak: Arms control and disarmament
Acknowledgement of the declining utility of military force in a nuclear environment may hold a peace dividend that includes Kashmir says Firdaus Ahmed
Jan 01 2003
Of cows and men, and grazing lands
Unequal distribution of resources has resulted in a shortage of land available for grazing. Anthra develops sustainable alternatives in consultation with affected groups.
Jan 01 2003
The GM potato hoax
The global effort to shift the focus of agricultural research from addressing immediate hunger to 'hidden hunger' is in reality an effort to postpone the real problems confronting the society, says Devinder Sharma.
Jan 01 2003
All work and no childhood
Francoise Remington's Forgotten Children works to free children from the cruely of labour.
Jan 01 2003
Improving Accountability in Panchayati Raj
The Government of Karnataka's Working Group on Decentralization discusses institutions for upward accountability in Panchayati Raj. The second in a series of articles adapted from the Working Group's 2002 report.
Jan 01 2003
Original purpose
Ramesh Ramanathan on participatory democracy and public governance
Jan 01 2003
Rural development through education
Dr. S S Kalbag has devoted 20 years of his life to educating the rural youngster, and found an enriching life for himself too in the process.
Jan 01 2003
Interlinking: Salvation or folly? - II
S G Vombatkere presents an alternative to the proposed gigantic network of interlinked rivers. This is the second in a series of three articles.
Jan 01 2003
Feeding the farmers
The tragic reversal of roles is the result of national policies that have neglected agriculture and farming in the wake of globalisation, says Devinder Sharma.
Jan 01 2003
But of course you can
Citizen participation is important not just for inspiring goals, but simply to create a society where governments gain and hold the confidence of the people.
Jan 01 2003
Why a dress code? Why only women?
Behind the concern for girls and women, some of it genuine, is both fear and a desire to control, says Kalpana Sharma.
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