May 01 2003
The objectification of the youth
The media is unconsciously desensitising society towards the youth, and pressurising them to conform to a stereotype, says Shivam Vij.
May 01 2003
Poor, but pedicured
It appears that those at the bottom are getting richer - but sadly the maths just doesn't add up. George Monbiot doesn't buy the World Bank's arithmetic.
May 01 2003
Production cost Rs. 60, auction price Rs. 47
As tea estates are closing down, 70,000 plantation workers in Kerala face joblessness. M Suchitra and M P Basheer report from Peermade.
May 01 2003
Still looking to the skies
Mainstreaming rain water harvesting remains a challenge, but fresh hope is always around the corner, says Lalitha Sridhar.
May 01 2003
Better lived than talked about
With more citizens taking interest, Bangalore's Janaagraha campaign is expanding to neighboring municipal areas.
May 01 2003
Lessons from Baghdad
Militaristic theories of Gulf War II's implications must not be allowed to sabotage India's national interests, says Firdaus Ahmed .
May 01 2003
Protecting farmers, freeing the breeders
Suman Sahai discusses India's progressive legislation in the area of patents and protection for plant varieties.
May 01 2003
100 meters - the height of stealth
The Narmada Control Authority permits an increase in the dam's height while the SC is in recess, giving the court no opportunity to verify its directives.
May 01 2003
SC rules on preventing starvation deaths
This May 1, taking a resolute stand, the Supreme Court directed the Union and state governments to take specific measures to address the desperate crisis of food for drought-affected communities.
May 01 2003
History as politics
The recording of the past in terms convenient to the ruling figures is reminiscent of what colonial rulers in India did, says Romila Thapar.
May 01 2003
Challenging broad spectrum patents
The European Patent Office at Munich recently ran into opposition to a broad spectrum patent granted on all GM soyabean varieties to a Monsanto owned company.
Apr 01 2003
More stories of Parivartan
Delhi's Right to Information Act (RTI) is increasingly being used by citizens to pressure offiicials into delivering on projects and services says Arvind Kejriwal.
Apr 01 2003
The Great Betrayal : Indian Land Reforms
Venu Govindu reviews Siddharth Dube's Words Like Freedom : Memoirs of an Impoverished Indian Family 1947-1997
Apr 01 2003
Public Services : The final assessment
Concluding article of the series on "What ails our public services?" adapted from the book Holding the State to Account by Samuel Paul of the Public Affairs Center, Bangalore.
Apr 01 2003
The Railway Women
West Bengal's rail hawkers are women of sheer grit and palpable passion says Sharmistha Choudhury.
Apr 01 2003
No ordinary farm
On G S Gidde Gowda's farm outside Hassan, the theories of conventional farming take a backseat, while he applies a systematic preference for nature's own hand.
Apr 01 2003
Monocultures of the mind
Environmental activist, agricultural researcher, water rights campaigner, and much more, Vandana Shiva speaks with David Barsamian.
Apr 01 2003
Govt and Non-Govt Organizations : Partnerships
Susan Mani looks at the issues involved in the coming together of government and NGOs to improve service delivery.
Apr 01 2003
The promise of a different life
Without the opportunity to empower themselves, hope for the nation's handicapped will remain just a four-letter word, says Ashwin Mahesh.
Apr 01 2003
The grey in Haryali
Democratic decentralization for watershed development can only happen when the centralizing tendencies of the vested groups are curbed, says Videh Upadhyay.
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