11 December 2017
Apr 01 2003
Coping with the cruel summer
Careful planning, adequate budgeting and close cooperation of government and NGOs will be needed this summer in Barmer and nearby Thar desert areas of Rajasthan, says Bharat Dogra
Apr 01 2003
The Great Betrayal : Indian Land Reforms
Venu Govindu reviews Siddharth Dube's Words Like Freedom : Memoirs of an Impoverished Indian Family 1947-1997
Apr 01 2003
Public Services : The final assessment
Concluding article of the series on "What ails our public services?" adapted from the book Holding the State to Account by Samuel Paul of the Public Affairs Center, Bangalore.
Apr 01 2003
Marriage – A retail outlet
Indra Chopra looks at the dowry custom cloaked within current-day marriages.
Apr 01 2003
More stories of Parivartan
Delhi's Right to Information Act (RTI) is increasingly being used by citizens to pressure offiicials into delivering on projects and services says Arvind Kejriwal.
Apr 01 2003
The movement for inclusive education
Callous school managements and over-anxious parents of abled children are barring 90% of India's 40 million disabled children from entering the nation's classrooms says Gaver Chatterjee.
Apr 01 2003
Fiscal deficits and decentralization - II
In the second in a series of two articles, Jayaprakash Narayan discusses on the connection between the fiscal crisis and decentralization of political power.
Apr 01 2003
Productivity of our public services
Fifth in a series of articles adapted from the book Holding the State to Account by Samuel Paul of the Public Affairs Center, Bangalore, the author looks at the low priority given to productivity as a factor for our ailing public services.
Apr 01 2003
Wash your spinach, twice
Research finds evidence of heavy metal contamination of vegetables in Delhi.
Mar 15 2003
Disparities in Inequality
Economic prosperity isn't always a sign of social progress. A new study of gender biases around the country finds the wealthier states have much to answer for.
Mar 14 2003
Mental health, administrative disorder
The rape of a schizophrenic girl at NIMHANS reveals a wide gap between the rhetoric and reality of mental health care in India.
Mar 13 2003
Invoice enclosed - please pay immediately
Gene Campaign writes to the Agriculture Minister demanding compensation for Indian farmers payable under the laws for failure of Monsanto-Mahyco's Bt cotton variety.
Mar 01 2003
Beware the benevolent partisan
The India Together editorial.
Mar 01 2003
Food fight over hunger
Citing a lack of funds and each blaming the other, the Centre and the states ignore SC orders to provide mid-day meals in government schools.
Mar 01 2003
Partnerships for a Cleaner "South"
Tackling the globalization of waste requires new partnerships that span national boundaries and different sectors of society, says Ravi Agrawal.
Mar 01 2003
Patent nonsense
Nothing exposes the hollowness of the claims corporations now make to intellectual property as much as their own histories, says George Monbiot.
Mar 01 2003
Limited nuclear war, limitless anxiety
As 'limited war' doctrine evolves to 'limited nuclear war', the strategic necessities as well as their implications for the polity must be repeatedly examined, says Firdaus Ahmed.
Mar 01 2003
Cricket, women and war
Those who devise television programmes on cricket seem convinced that women have neither brains, nor common sense, says Kalpana Sharma.
Mar 01 2003
Crisis of Governance: Stirrings in the Corporate Sector
There is now a quiet but intense debate within some segments of the corporate sector on the crisis in governance due to communalism, says Rajni Bakshi.
Mar 01 2003
What ails our Public Services? -- II
Is incompetence and lack of motivated the cause for the malaise? Second in the series of articles adapted from the book Holding the State to Account by Samuel Paul of the Public Affairs Center, Bangalore.
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