What will endemic Covid look like?
AFTER THE PANDEMIC : What will endemic Covid look like?

Immunity conferred from natural infection and vaccines, patterns of social contact, and virus transmissibility will all play a role in what COVID-19 will look like as it continues to circulate.

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Rural electrification: An unfinished task

Power connections are now available across rural India. However, there is still a lot to be done before villagers reliably get uninterrupted electricity that can help them live and work better.

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The value system of the ruling elite is a threat to India: Xerxes Desai

Hailed for his stewardship of Titan Industries where he built a premium brand from scratch and won for it international renown, Xerxes Desai naturally has one of the keenest perspectives on Indian industry. But his equally deep insights into Indian society and development become apparent through this interaction with Christopher Lopaze.

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In conversation with an alleged terrorist

Abdul Nasser Madani, a key accused in the 2008 Bangalore serial blasts, waits in vain for his trial to be speeded up after countless adjourned sessions of court. PN Venugopal recounts the circumstances of the case and talks to Madani himself to discover how rules become exceptions in such cases.

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"Compelling citizens to take an Aadhaar card is unconstitutional"

In December 2012, retired Justice K S Puttaswamy filed a PIL that recently culminated in the Supreme Court passing an interim order, forbidding authorities to make Aadhaar mandatory for provision of essential services. Bosky Khanna finds out what his key objections to this ambitious project are.

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When riots are tools, where does secularism stand?
DEEP TALK WITH RAMACHANDRA GUHA : When riots are tools, where does secularism stand?
As the spectre of communal violence raises its ugly head yet again in the build-up towards elections, India Together talks to Ramachandra Guha to explore the threats to the secular imagination in India and the hopes for religious pluralism in the democracy.
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Punished for being the victim
A SURVIVOR'S ORDEAL : Punished for being the victim
Suzette Jordan was labelled a prostitute and an anti-government conspirator when she alleged rape in a moving car on the streets of Kolkata. Her frank conversation with Vinita A Shetty reveals why the atrocity of abuse is not the only thing that shatters the life of a rape victim.
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The Telangana prophecy: Will more states mean more conflict?
With the government clearing Telangana as India's 29th state, long-standing demands for separate states in other parts of the country have gained fresh momentum. This could be a foretelling of many more states to come, but would that necessarily augur ill for the unity of India? Noted historian Ramachandra Guha shares his thoughts.
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A culture of deference and sycophancy
In a candid conversation with India Together, eminent scholar, author and historian Ramachandra Guha shares his thoughts on leaders of the past and present and their legacies for the future of India.
Modi-Nitish Kumar 'shadow boxing' to continue: Dr. Sandeep Shastri
Given the complex and dynamic political scenario in India today, where is the country's leadership headed? How will people vote in the assembly elections this year and how will it impact the national outcome? Eminent political scientist Sandeep Shastri shares his views on that and more with Satarupa Sen Bhattacharya
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"I am neither an atheist nor a theist"
KARNATAKA’S NEW HEAD : "I am neither an atheist nor a theist"
Karnataka's new chief minister Siddaramaiah is certainly more left-leaning than some of his counterparts in the Congress party at the Centre. Fielding questions on Kannada TV's Suvarna News, he displays a calm demeanour to round off the tough-man image he has cultivated over the years. India Together brings you translated excerpts from the interview.
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Wanted: A clamour for better governance
Bangalore, once the poster-boy of new age India and its development, is now crumbling, having been sorely let down by the administration and politics of the state. As Karnataka heads for polls, Subramaniam Vincent, discusses the prospects and necessary preconditions for change with independent MP Rajeev Chandrasekhar.
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Of sports, passion and reality
AGAINST ALL ODDS : Of sports, passion and reality
Meet M B Santosh, one of India's only three FIFA-accredited referees, who drives an auto-rickshaw and works as caretaker of an apartment in Kottayam, Kerala to support a family of five. Here, he shares the incredible story of his life and passion with P N Venugopal.
Ringing the bell against VAW
GENDER JUSTICE : Ringing the bell against VAW
While the global epidemic of violence against women (VAW) stems from a culture of misplaced masculinity, the role of men in ending the same cannot be ignored. Mallika Dutt, CEO of global human rights organization Breakthrough, talks to India Together on the Bell Bajao! campaign that emphasises the fact.
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Making good cinema
INTERVIEW : Making good cinema
"The producer wanted to make a good film, and we didn't think about anything else", says Unni Vijayan, director of the national award-winning film Lessons in Forgetting. Padmalatha Ravi catches up with the director to know more about this film and its making.