Firdaus Ahmed : Subcontinental Musings
Dec 19 2014
Where veterans refuse to give up, what does the future hold?
The increasing power and influence of veterans of the Indian army, known for their natural affinity towards the right wing regime in power, holds important implications especially when one considers the extent of its permeation into the serving structure. Firdaus Ahmed explains.
Nov 17 2014
Is the army court’s verdict on the Machhil killings enough?
The recent award of life sentences to the army personnel involved in the 2010 Macchil killings in J&K sends out a positive message, but there are deeper layers in the justice system that need introspection and overhaul in the pursuit of reconciliation. Firdaus Ahmed explains.
Oct 31 2014
Can PM Modi pull it off?
SECURITY STRATEGY : Can PM Modi pull it off?
The aggression and pace of the new government’s decisions and activities relating to national security, just as in other areas, may be due to the eagerness to prove itself different from a sloth, ineffectual predecessor. However, the image that it creates comes with its own set of risks, writes Firdaus Ahmed.
Sep 22 2014
Sunburn warning for India’s day in the sun
India’s foreign policy moves under the Modi government have so far been aggressive, but sustaining the heat on the external front without a resolution of critical internal and regional positions comes with its own risks, writes Firdaus Ahmed.
Aug 21 2014
Indo-Pak talks: Getting past the eyewash
The calling off of talks between India and Pakistan is being attributed to the latter’s interactions with separatists, with an extended reference to incursions along the LoC. Firdaus Ahmed digs beyond the obvious to highlight the more likely cause behind the move.
Jun 25 2014
Will Modi relook at ‘massive’ retaliation in India’s nuclear doctrine?
Regardless of how it is interpreted, India’s doctrinal promise of ‘massive nuclear retaliation’ in the event of nuclear first use by the enemy would be more than strategically flawed. At a time when India is now poised to review its doctrine afresh, Firdaus Ahmed digs deeper.
Apr 10 2014
Getting ‘practical’ on No-First-Use
PM Manmohan Singh’s plans to minimise nuclear risks, as articulated at a recent conference, revolves around formulation of a ‘global no-first-use’ norm. Firdaus Ahmed points to why a practical solution is less about global norms and rests more likely on issues closer home.
Mar 17 2014
One gaffe too many
NUCLEAR DOCTRINE : One gaffe too many
The slips in the use of words in India’s official nuclear doctrine may be inadvertent but, nevertheless, point to a worrying amateurishness in the domain, says Firdaus Ahmed.
Nov 19 2013
The relevance of Vanzara's letter
POLITICS AND SECURITY : The relevance of Vanzara's letter
In his resignation, Vanzara gave no indication that obeying illegal orders bothered him. Instead, his lament is that he was used and thrown. In right-shifting India, it may next be the military's turn if the shift from Gandhinagar takes place, writes Firdaus Ahmed.
Oct 17 2013
Soldiers, not servants
ARMY CULTURE : Soldiers, not servants
The army would like to point to low morale and push for higher pay. But as far as the troops are concerned, morale may have more to do with the way they are treated by officers, and this is what needs changing, writes Firdaus Ahmed.
Firdaus Ahmed is a freelance writer on security affairs, and writes a monthly column on peace, security, and related issues for India Together.