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Mar 30 2005
Aiyar logic, weaker argument

Mani Shankar Aiyar fails on two counts - his poor arguments for secularism, as well as his scant attention to his party's role in creating the economic conditions for communalism. Ashwin Mahesh reviews Confessions of a Secular Fundamentalist.

Jan 13 2005
Trust, but verify
For the great majority of us who are far from the Tsunami disaster, the easiest thing to contribute is money. Finding someone who'll take our money is easy. But a recipient's annual report summarising relief transactions is not enough to tell us how our money was used, says Ashwin Mahesh.
Oct 01 2004
Less populous, more powerful
Ashwin Mahesh shows how some states wield more power in Parliament than they would if statewise seat shares were fixed on the basis of population alone.
Jul 01 2004
Illiteracy begins at home

Millions of Indian kids are out of school because the places that were reserved for them by law were instead given to others like you and me. That may be about to change, says Ashwin Mahesh.

Jan 01 2004
Leadership by non-believers
DEVELOPMENT POLICY : Leadership by non-believers

Our economic and political leaders do not have much faith in the free market, or in trickle-down economics, despite their apparent support for both, says Ashwin Mahesh.

Jul 01 2003
How can I help you?
The greatest of good intentions have a way of reminding me of the very things I wish not to remember, says Ashwin Mahesh.
Apr 01 2003
The promise of a different life
Without the opportunity to empower themselves, hope for the nation's handicapped will remain just a four-letter word, says Ashwin Mahesh.

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