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Apr 13 2010
Development now!
DEALING WITH NAXALISM : Development now!

Politicians would like us to believe that tackling the Maoists now is urgent, while development is only possible in the long run. Not true, writes Ashwin Mahesh.

Jul 06 2009
Your identification, please
NATIONAL ID SCHEME : Your identification, please

The proposed National ID should be a backbone upon which governance and economic development rest comfortably, rather than merely a tool for auditing schemes, writes Ashwin Mahesh.

Dec 25 2008
Getting things done
BOOK REVIEW: IMAGINING INDIA : Getting things done
Influencing public policy and implementation is a long grind, but with a portfolio of ideas in hand, Nandan Nilekani has coursed the meeting rooms of state and central governments for years. Ashwin Mahesh reviews his first book.
Also see: Interview with Nandan Nilekani.
Dec 25 2008
"I am a portfolio guy"
INTERVIEW: NANDAN NILEKANI : "I am a portfolio guy"
Ashwin Mahesh talks to the former Infosys CEO, now an author for the first time.
Jan 07 2008
New vistas in construction
BAMBOO IN HOUSING : New vistas in construction
Has bamboo's time arrived? The high cost of inputs going into conventional construction is beginning to push more people in the direction of alternatives, and this was topic of a recent seminar at the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore. Ashwin Mahesh has more.
Jul 05 2007
Better traffic ahead
OPINION/GOVERNANCE : Better traffic ahead
Fundamentally, the challenge of traffic and transport management in any of our large cities is not merely to create more road infrastructure. The more powerful way to tackle the problem is through analysis of road use patterns, and through the creation of transport services based on them, says Ashwin Mahesh.
Mar 28 2007
What's 'inclusive' about the Budget?
The government's understanding of an 'inclusive' Budget is simply that it ought to be the provider of welfare for the lower income groups. The evidence so far suggests that this is an attempt doomed from the start, since the government is not very good at administering such programmes. Ashwin Mahesh says that there are better options.
Jan 24 2007
Information or technology?
The key to understanding information and communication technologies is that their potential for development does not lie in their electronic wizardry, but rather in the information that is communicated by their use, and the subsequent informed actions of citizens. Ashwin Mahesh on the much-touted ICTs.
May 12 2006
How things change in government
There are many ideas about how change occurs. Each has some strengths and is able to influence government to some degree, for good as well as bad. I prefer advocacy of decency and an autonomy that benefits people directly over other methods, says Ashwin Mahesh.
Aug 25 2005
Counting people, discounting their worth
One often hears that the country's large population is at the heart of many of its troubles, but doing the numbers doesn't suggest anything of that sort. Still, in an important way, it does have to do with people. Here's how: some of the people don't think the rest of the people are even people, says Ashwin Mahesh.

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