Devinder Sharma : Ground Reality
Apr 13 2015
Why relief packages and loan waivers won’t be enough to stem farm suicides
Even in regions touted as India’s food bowl, Rs 3000 a month is all that a farmer earns for his family! Devinder Sharma analyses data from CACP to highlight the grave crisis in the agrarian economy that calls for immediate and unprecedented government action.
Feb 28 2015
Why Jaitley’s budget has failed to bring cheer to our farmers
As has been the historical trend, most of the budget announcements on agriculture this year, too, are geared towards benefitting agribusiness rather than augmenting farm income, writes Devinder Sharma.
Feb 09 2015
Why easy land is no guarantee of industrial growth
LESSONS FROM THE SEZ EXPERIENCE : Why easy land is no guarantee of industrial growth
It’s like a scam unnoticed: even after access to over 45000 hectares of land, with massive tax exemptions and holidays, the SEZ experience has been a sorry story. Devinder Sharma discusses the flaws in the government’s economic reasoning and insists on accountability.
Dec 24 2014
Rest in peace, food self-sufficiency
AGRICULTURAL DECLINE : Rest in peace, food self-sufficiency
Ironically at a time when food shortage is being widely perceived as a potential global concern in the near future, policymakers seem to be doing everything that would take agriculture further down the path of ruin. Devinder Sharma highlights the findings of a recent NSSO report to substantiate that.
Sep 04 2014
There are more things in heaven and earth than stock markets!
The media frenzy over Narendra Modi’s first 100 days in office is complemented by the cheer in markets, but Devinder Sharma sounds a caveat against judging the performance of the government by the standards of markets alone.
Jul 16 2014
How about smart villages, Mr Modi?
BUDGETING FOR AGRICULTURE : How about smart villages, Mr Modi?
For over two decades now, agriculture has suffered overall neglect as successive governments, led by World-Bank prescribed growth models, have issued disproportionate doles to industry. While the present allocations do not spell much hope, Devinder Sharma suggests what the Modi government may still do to reverse the trend.
Jun 13 2014
A silent revolution brewing on our farms
An increasing number of farmers from across the country are flocking to the annual rice sharing festival in Tamil Nadu, where a whopping number of traditional rice seed varieties are exchanged and subsequently cultivated in different locales. Devinder Sharma reports from the 2014 event.
May 28 2014
Can farmers look ahead to “acche din” as well?
Narendra Modi’s attention to the woes and plight of farmers during election campaigning has raised a lot of hope for improvement among members of the beleaguered community, but can he deliver? Devinder Sharma presents an 11-point prescription for turning the agricultural sector around.
Apr 28 2014
Will The NYT bat against Washington apples in India?
A recent editorial in The New York Times rightly recognises the flaws of a growth model driven by lower trade barriers. But Devinder Sharma wonders if the American daily will take a stand and extend its arguments to champion the cause of all nations, including India.
Feb 10 2014
A few facts for GM-advocate Manmohan Singh
At the 101st Indian Science Congress in Jammu, the Prime Minister reaffirmed his faith in the potential of biotechnology for agricultural development. Devinder Sharma discusses findings that raise questions about the basis of his conviction.
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