Dilip D'Souza : Thoughts for a nation
Mar 01 2004
Progress by any other measure
The "Genuine Progress Indicator" or GPI is a better balance sheet of the costs and benefits of grow than the GDP, says Dilip D'Souza.
Feb 01 2004
Bringing laws on course
Left to “take its own course”, the law invariably manages to meander into a dead end. Time to make it chart a more meaningful course, says Dilip D’Souza.
Feb 01 2004
I'm the traitor
The more crooked a leader, the more he trumpets his own patriotism, the more he pronounces who else is patriotic, says Dilip D'Souza.
Jan 01 2004
This irony beacons hope

The slaughter of daughters in India may not continue forever; just by virtue of being scarce, girls will be desired again says Dilip D'Souza.

Dec 01 2003
In search of the blooms
A better tomorrow must be for us all, not just for the middle and upper classes. This has little to do with morality, altruism or idealism, but much more to do with realism says Dilip D'Souza.
Nov 01 2003
No run outs please, we're Indian
India has changed greatly in the last two or three decades, but maybe we can still choose not to run each other out. Dilip D'Souza narrates a story from another time.
Oct 01 2003
Living in truth : hope in Koinpur
Dilip D'Souza on how unglamorous measures have begun to pay off for the Saora people in Orissa.
Sep 01 2003
Investigative journalism : Not dead
Dilip D'Souza comments on the climate for investigative reporting and public expectations of it.
Aug 01 2003
The matter of relief

Without the right kind of thinking, relief for victims of disasters may actually hurt more than help says Dilip D'Souza.

Jul 01 2003
It Flickers Again
Dilip D'Souza on finding hope in a landscape scarred with hatred, killing, looting, divides.

Dilip D'Souza was educated in Pilani, Providence, Delhi, Rishi Valley, Bombay, Cambridge, Austin and places in between. He was once a computer scientist, but now he writes for a living, on themes like development, nationalism, science, poverty, as well as travel. He has won several awards for his writing, including the Statesman Rural Reporting award and the Outlook/Picador nonfiction prize. He has published three books and a monograph of essays on patriotism. His most recent book is Roadrunner: An Indian Quest in America.