Why Assam burns again
The recent nod to Telangana has led to unrest and violence anew in Assam, where several groups have been struggling for their respective states for decades. Ratna Bharali Talukdar looks at the current situation.
Law and Order | Assam
August 2013

"If anyone speaks about Hinduism, he is branded a fundamentalist!"
Sir Mark Tully spoke recently in Bangalore on How certain should we be? The problem of religious pluralism.
October 2010

Manipur schools closure: boycott enters third month
For over two months, young Manipuris have boycotted the state's schools and colleges. Two killings in Imphal in broad daylight have resulted in the deadlock.
Education | Manipur
November 2009

Wanted: A peace movement
Arguing against the nuclear enclave and its retainers is a kind of national service, and we must press on, no matter how futile it may appear at times.
Firdaus Ahmed | National Security
August 2009

In the cross fire between security and insurgency
Plenty of criticism has been leveled at excess use of force by the Army in Manipur. And yet, with much infighting and corruption, insurgents too have lost the moral high ground.
Guest column | Manipur
June 2009

Military cooperation with the US: A mixed bag
A future government that is without the check of a strong opposition could strike out on a course that is markedly divergent from India's past record of abstinence from geo-political conflicts, writes Firdaus Ahmed.
Firdaus Ahmed
October 2008

Despair and defensiveness in Azamgarh
The bomb blasts in Delhi and elsewhere have brought this UP district uncomfortably into the national spotlight.
Uttar Pradesh
October 2008

The violence of the virtuous
When the good is almost always defined in terms of one community's ascendance over another, it is not the evil in us that makes us violent. How can we reduce this?
Rajesh Kasturirangan
October 2008

Heed the silent protest
The defence services are unhappy with the sixth Central Pay Commission, and this cannot be in the best interests of the nation.
Guest columns | Public funds
October 2008

Can there be justice without the state?
There has been a massive erosion in public confidence in our criminal justice system. Numerous commissions haven't helped.
September 2008

In Muslim India, an internal battle
The struggle to wrest back interpretations of Islam from the extremists could boost security, and halt the marginalisation and ghettoisation of Muslims in India.
Firdaus Ahmed
September 2008

Rethink needed in dealing with naxalite violence
An Expert Group in the Planning Commission calls for a more development-led approach to people's resistance, and a renewed commitment by the State to the democratic system.
September 2008

Mid-year chakravyuh
With the government firmly in ostrich mode on issues of internal security, and the external situation appearing complex, India awaits its Abhimanyu.
Firdaus Ahmed
August 2008

Inventing a controversy
Sectarian positioning with an eye upon votes fuelled the controversy over Amarnath land transfer issue.
Jammu and Kashmir
August 2008

Making nuclear sense
As the strategic enclave has grown, the agenda of political discourse has been usurped by 'high politics'. This has wide implications for democracy.
Firdaus Ahmed
July 2008

The beauty of compromise
The most intractable conflicts in South Asia have remained unresolved because of the inflexibility and dogmatism of the contending parties.
Ramachandra Guha
May 2008

Is Vox Populi good enough?
In Advani's worldview, populist sorrow and re-election amount to democratic endorsement of whatever happened, and is sufficient political accountability.
Firdaus Ahmed
April 2008

Successful deterrence? Hardly.
There have been unacknowledged conflicts, and just as importantly, a closer look at each instance shows other factors are also at work.
Firdaus Ahmed
February 2008

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