Manushi: A journal about women and society
Issue 150, Table of Contents

  • Greeting Aunt Flo
    "It was in a tribal village in Maharashtra that I first learned about the cup six years ago. One young woman told me she used a cup made of rubber that she could simply empty, wash, and reinsert in less than a minute." L S Aravinda writes of her journey through adolescence and into a comfortable womanhood.

  • Re-imagining religious freedom
    Sankrant Sanu:

  • Bridging divides and healing hurts
    Madhu Purnima Kishwar: Need to nurture the peace process in Kashmir.

  • Needless cruelty on women's bodies
    P L T Girija Campaign against violent childbirth procedures

  • The tirtha of sage Kapila
    Knut A Jacobsen

  • Apradhini

  • "I think I am in love"
    Charu Bhaneja: Dealing with a dual identity.

  • Story: The barren tree blooms
    Jaya Madhavan

  • Responses to Manushi