Manushi: A journal about women and society
Issue 137, Table of Contents

  • Laws against domestic violence
    Manushi answers some frequently asked questions

  • Eklavya debate continues : The science and art of learning
    Ramakant Agnihotri: Critique of the MP Government's response

  • Stifling innovation
    C.N Subramanium

  • Back to basics
    Amita Sharma

  • Building on our own traditions
    Sankrant Sanu: Teaching pluralism and tolerance

  • "Thirst for the poor, thanda for the affluent"
    Protest against Coke at Kerala's Plachimada SHAKUNTALA NARASIMHAN

  • When victims are defamed
    Madhu Kishwar: The interdependence of rickshaw pullers and owners:

  • Partners in politics, competing in crime, Part II
    Medha Nanivadekar: Growing importance of independents and rebels in local elections

  • Short Story : Narcissi
    Madhulika Liddle

  • Readers' Forum

  • Response to Manushi