Facilities for the disabled
The Disability Act provides a number of facilities for children as well as adults. A list of some of these facilities is included in this page.
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Under the Disabilities Act, 1995
  • Every child with disability shall have the right to free education till the age of 18 years in integrated schools or special schools.
  • Appropriate transportation, removal of architectural barriers and restructuring of curriculum and modifications in the examination system shall be ensured for the benefit of children with disabilities.
  • Children with disabilities shall have the right to free books, scholarships, uniforms and other teaching material.
  • Special schools for children with disabilities shall be equipped with vocational training facilities.
  • Non-formal education shall be promoted for children with disabilities.
  • Teachers training institutions shall be established to develop requisite manpower.
  • Parents may move to appropriate Court for a redressal of grievances regarding placement of their children with disabilities.

To access these facilities, parents must first obtain a disability certificate from the nearest government hospital, and an Identity Card from the Office of the Commissioner for Disabilities. In the case of a rural area, the Identity Card is given by the Block Development Officer's (BDO's) office. To know which government hospital caters to which area, detailed information can be had from the Office of the Commissioner for Disabilities. Every panchayat is provided funds to build paved roads, school and public ramps for the disabled by the government. There is also a 3 percent reservation for the disabled in employment for all government jobs. The Act also provides for affirmative action for the disabled. This means that:

  • Aids and appliances shall be made available to people with disabilities.

  • Allotment of land shall be made at concessional rates to people with disabilities for houses, business, special recreation centres, special schools, research schools, factories with entrepreneurs who are disabled.

To access information on what facilities are on offer, one needs to visit the Office of the Commissioner for Disabilities. In the event of a school refusing admission to a disabled child or the absence of ramps making attendance difficult for a disabled student, parents or relatives can take up the matter with the Disabilities Commissioner for redressal.

This list was compiled for India Together by Rina Mukherji and Charkha Features, in June 2005.