A committee to exonerate industry?
The recommendations of the committee constituted to look into the claims of endosulfan victims in Kasargod and decide on the need to set up a tribunal to settle those, appear to be largely sympathetic towards the Plantation Corporation and endosulfan manufacturers. P N Venugopal reports.
Justice | Hazards | Health regulation | Kerala
August 2013

In search of quality care
The public's perception that government facilities and services are poor has led them to abandon these in favour of private providers. But those are not necessarily better, writes R Balasubramaniam.
R Balasubramaniam | Public health
December 2012

50+, and HIV-plus
Those in the 50-plus age group form the second largest chunk of HIV infected persons. But this group is clearly not at the heart of the AIDS control programme. Puja Awasthi reports.
November 2012

Tamilnadu's striking progress in welfare
Better education and health outcome indicators in the southern states compared to the north, has been acknowledged for a long time. And yet to see it with one.s own eyes really drives home the point. Reetika Khera reports.
Government | Tamilnadu
September 2012

As good as it gets
Recent advances in Indian surgical capabilities have put the world on notice that our doctors are capable of providing world-class care. The question now is, how do we get this to the masses? Ramesh Menon reports.
July 2012

A child's trauma, the media's madness
The media's coverage of a young girl's humiliation in her school is totally devoid of objectivity or even plain common sense, making things even worse. Shoma Chatterji reports.
Child Health | Human rights | Media
July 2012

TB: Dangerous comeback
It is frightening to think of how the new drug resistant strain of tuberculosis is going to spread in crowded, unhygienic, urban India. Doctors are worried.
Public health
February 2012

The Superbugs are here - III
The Government's response to the emergence of Superbugs should be urgent and specific, but instead it has been living in denial even as the threat multiplies.
Public health
November 2011

Special support needed
HIV-positive children in Assam and their families need more than the usual measures of state support for their economic, medical and social needs.
HIV-AIDS | Assam
September 2011

Renaming Nakusa
Girl children who were given names that reflected their unwanted status are being renamed in Maharashtra, in a new initiative to reverse the decline in sex ratio.
Gender violence | Population | Maharashtra
September 2011

An eye for empowerment
Mritunjay Tiwary has brought eyesight to tens of thousands of people through his eye hospital in rural Bihar. But his vision of development extends much farther.
Bihar | Women | Disability
July 2011

Twice blessed
Dolly Basu's production of The Merchant of Venice, with special children cast in nearly all roles, has taught her as much as it has helped the children themselves.
Art and Theatre | Disability
July 2011