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    The Endosulfan Spray Protest Action Council in Kerala released the following press statement on the occasion of International No Pesticide Use Day - the 3rd of December.
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    January 2002: Thanks to the Chief Minister, Government of Kerala and the UDF, this year we have had a temporary relief from poisons of the Plantation Corporation of Kerala - The People of Kasargod.

    Since 1998 the world has been observing the 3rd of December with pain and agony to remind every one about the Bhopal homicide.

    "Bhopal is the worst industrial tragedy that ever happened to humanity. The factory was manufacturing pesticides. This contaminated water collected from Bhopal even after seventeen years of the tragedy still reminds us of the irresponsibility of the corporates and governments. This is also a painful reminder of agony and suffering of thousands of innocent people to all of us. Sevin ( Carbaryl ) the pesticide manufactured by Union Carbide is still being recommended for use by the scientists for crops in Kerala. Ironically this plant was manufacturing pesticide which was supposed to enhance food production and today we observe all over the world a no pesticide day demanding safe food." said Jayakumar of Thanal.

    "Living in Kasargod with periodical showers of Endosulfan by the Plantation Corporation of Kerala in the last two decades and a half, we are happy this year to observe the International no pesticide day and remember Bhopal along with other communities of the world. Sri. A.K. Antony, Hon. Chief Minister of Kerala, Sri. K.R. Gowri Amma, Hon. Minister for Agriculture and Sri Cherkulam Abdulla, Hon. Minister for Local Administration and the UDF Government gave us a year without Endosulfan showers. The steering committee, representing the people, farmers and other organisations from the 12 affected panchayaths of Kasargod takes this opportunity to thank our Chief Minister and the UDF Government for the commitment they have expressed for the welfare of the people by banning the use of endosulfan in Kerala. We believe this is a right step in the right direction." said K.B. Mohamed Kunhi, Convenor of the steering committee of the peoples organisations formed to fight pesticides in Kasargod.

    Over 300 groups and individuals from all over the world have appreciated this decision. This is a milestone in the insecticide use history of our country. The Pesticide Action Network and other international organisations have written about this progressive act and have asked the international support will help consumers to go for our cashew. This is yet another sign of hope for us farmers of cashew.

    We take this opportunity to share our happiness and also remind each other the tasks ahead on the "no more Bhopals day". We pledge our solidarity with every concerned community and thank the media and the government for giving us an interim relief.

    "We hope that the coming days will give us more opportunity to mitigate the sufferings of people from our villages who continue to live in the endosulfan contaminated land and water. The victims in these villages also need measures to relieve them from the agony. The Plantation Corporation of Kerala should own the responsibility of poisoning and come forward to work with local bodies and Government of Kerala to compensate the innocent children and villagers who are the victims of the arrogance and ignorance of the PCK." said Aravinda Yedamale of ESPAC

    As responsible farmers from a farming district of the State we are gearing forward to take up progressive and scientific farming in our farms and region. We are extremely happy that the local governments - District Panchayaths, Block Panchayath and grama Panchayaths are playing a significant role in this collective work.

    Jayakumar C.
    December, 2001

    The Endosulfan Spray Protest Action Council is based in Padre, Kasaragod "Punchiri", Mooliyar, Kasargod. Thanal, Thiruvananthapuram.