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What: Citizen Direct brings reports of information on development and public affairs from citizens to India Together's readers. India Together will accept reports from informed citizens with access to good quality public interest information and a credible association to an issue/topic or event. The reporting citizen's association to the particular report will also be stated at the end of a report. We encourage interaction between authors and fellow citizens.

Where: Citizen Direct's home page at will list the latest citizen reports. The India Together front page as well relevant topic pages will also list citizen reports as they appear online. (indiatogether.org/direct.)

Comments: You may post your comment or question to the author or other readers using the form at the bottom of the report. If you have interesting information related to the report's contents, we recommend that you post it as a comment. We also recommend that you read the already published comments or questions before making your posting.

Moderation: All postings will be moderated and approved within 24 hours unless found inappropriate. Because of our policy to keep all content on India Together free of access restrictions, comments need moderation to keep spammers and netabusers away. We do hope you will understand this.

Disclaimer: Citizen Direct is India Together's channel for publishing reports from citizens who have detailed information about specific civil society concerns and matters, by virtue of their participation, association, or independent observation. These reports are therefore as witnessed and understood by the authors themselves; India Together accepts no liability or responsibility for them.

Questions? Feel free to write us at editors@indiatogether.org.

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