Combat Law : The Human Rights magazine
Volume 5, Issue 2: HIV/AIDDS

  • Workplace blues
    "We can work. We pose no risk to our co-workers. If you take away our jobs, you will kill us faster than the HIV virus." People living with HIV/AIDS need to be kept in employment for as long as they can work, and there are practical and proven steps to make this happen, writes S. Mohd Afsar.

  • Key to combating HIV/AIDS
    Denis Broun

  • Fight for free ARV drugs
    Shruti Pandey

  • Positively insensitive
    Usha Rai

  • Ethical challenges of AIDS
    Amar Jesani

  • Criminal liability for international HIV transmissions
    Abhijeet Sharma

  • AIDS treatment lessons from abroad
    Nick Robinson

  • Showing the way
    Geroff Budlender

  • Judiciary decides positively
    Dipika Jain

  • Legal rights of positive people

  • Women, property rights, and HIV/AIDS
    Anubha Rastogi

  • The other side of the fence
    Gautam Bhan

  • Is the law a threat to public health in India?
    Patralekha Chatterjee

  • Millions die as drug mafia thrives
    Amit Gupta

  • Last mile is critical
    Mona Mishra

  • HIV/AIDS Bill

  • Consent and confidentiality
    Himani Sethi

  • A little knowledge is a dangerous thing
    Preeti Jain

  • Intravenous drug users and HIV
    Luke Samson

  • Displaced and infectd
    Ann Burton

  • Dalits and vulnerability
    Sirivella Prasad

  • Caught in a vicious cycle
    Vithika Yadav

  • Red light zones: the last bastion
    Geetika Hora

  • Prisoners in HIV cauldron
    Amrita Bahl

  • In defence of childhood

  • Fragile mental health of HIV affected
    Parul Sharma

  • Confidentiality vital

  • Palliative care

  • A question of accuracy
    Devendra K Budakoti

  • US moral policing stinks
    Pankaj Vinayak Sharma

  • This virus no no borders

  • Tales of discrimination

  • Women and HIV