Combat Law : The Human Rights magazine
Volume 4, Issue 5: 10 Years of WTO

  • Let the WTO's will be done?
    "GATT is a calamity if the Constitution of India has validity", said Justice Krishna Iyer. Sanjay Parikh agrees, noting that the lack of ratification by Parliament of decisions taken by India at the WTO dilutes the separation of powers, and also treads on States' jurisdictions. This could have far reaching effects on Indian legislation.

  • From Havana to Hong kong
    S P Shukla

  • Talks in trouble
    Walden Bello

  • Treading a dubious path
    Devinder Sharma

  • Revisiting Cancun
    Afsar H Jafri

  • NAMA downplaying the danger
    C P Chandrashekhar

  • Looking through the glass, darkly
    Sushovan Dhar

  • Too little, too slow
    K M Gopakumar

  • GATS subversion of democracy policy space
    Benny Kuruvilla

  • We, the people
    Sanjay Sangvai

  • Patently robbed
    Proyanka Josson


  • Inescapable demise

  • Spinning a web of laws
    Minu Jose

  • Time for redemption
    Smita Gupta

  • It's a rich man's world
    Krishan Bir Chaudhary