Combat Law : The Human Rights magazine
Volume 4, Issue 1: Witness protection

  • New law needed for witness protection
    H Suresh: There is an urgent need to bring forth a bill of right to preserve and protect victims' and witnesses' rights, and due process. This is necessary to ensure that such persons participate in the legal process without fear, so that justice can be assured.

  • Kerala: Following the trend of retractions
    Sandhya Shivkami

  • Law Commission of India's consultation paper.

  • Responses to the Law Commission
    Saumya Uma

  • High time to enact whistle blowers act
    N Raghuram

  • International experiences
    Dhruv Arora and Diya Bose


  • Nepal: Time for the king to go
    Colin Gonsalves

  • Atrocities Act - an orphan act
    S H Iyer

  • The rule of law?
    D Geetha

  • The Free and Compulsory Education Bill
    Uma Pradhan

  • A boon for employers
    Arvind Tapole

  • Who is an encroacher?
    Deepika D'Souza