Combat Law : The Human Rights magazine
Volume 2, Issue 1: Armed Forces Special Powers Act

  • Documenting Violations
    A people's commission of inquiry looks into the use and abuse of the Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act in Manipur.

  • The Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act
    Repressive Law

  • On the Trail
    Legalities of the Afghan bombing

  • An Assessment of Official Enquiry Reports
    US Patriot Act against terrorism

  • Need for Return to Normalcy

  • The Year that Was
  • To Marry or Not to Marry Dipa Dube
  • The Right to Bail The Class Bias Sushil Kumar Singh
  • Staking our claims on Health Sukanya Pani
  • Demise of education as a Human Right K.G.Kannabiran
  • Tiny Hands, Heavy Tasks P.P.Baburaj
  • TRIPS Patent System: An Appraisal B.K.Keayla
  • Bhutanese of Nepali Origin: Second Class Citizens Rajesh Kharat
  • The Privatisation of Food Colin Gonsalves
  • Paying the Price of Development Joy Mathew
  • New State Dying Hopes Stan Swamy