Kudremukh or Kudre-muck?

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  • Write to the Prime Minister of India, (petition closed) asking discontinuing of mining permits to KIOCL. [Nov/Dec 2001]
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  • Oct 3, 2001: Protest to seek closure of mining at Kudremukh.
  • Aug 19, 2001: Activists intensify campaign against mining in Kudremukh.
  • Aug 3, 2001: KNP to be featured in 'National Geographic'
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prospecting scars in Kudremukh National Park
    The scars of ore prospecting in Nelibeedu. In violation of the restrictions in the prospecting license, KIOCL constructed roads, felled trees and brought in heavy machinery to prospect for iron ore. The above area lies within the proposed Kudremukh National Park where any non-forest activity is illegal. Kudremukh National Park has an annual rainfall to the order of 7000mm making mining extremely risky to ecological and human communities.

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