Diversion of forest land denounced
The grant of close to 10000 acres of forest land in Chitradurga district for non-forestry purposes threatens the ecology of the region as well as many local livelihoods. Malini Shankar reports.
Forests | Karnataka
April 2013

Scientists bless betelnut leaves for cattle fodder
Recently, animal nutrition scientists announced that areca leaf sheath fodder can replace paddy straw. This is timely, since paddy straw supply has been declining.
March 2011

Relief cows are milking Vidarbha farmers
The Maharashtra government claims that a huge transformation is taking place in Vidarbha; the milk collection has risen 37 per cent. Distressed farmers, who were given the 'princely' cows as relief, feel otherwise. Jaideep Hardikar does a reality check.
Relief | Maharashtra
August 2007

Will herders be heard?
Tending livestock is difficult enough for settled communities, but for migrants the hardships are even worse. Without formal laws providing them access to water or feed, they must continually negotiate these, or bribe forest officials to obtain passage rights. Surekha Sule reports on recent studies highlighting their woes.
April 2006

Of cows and men, and grazing lands
The decline of the commons during the last 30 years has left only rich farmers able to meet their grazing, fuel wood and water needs. The resulting loss of livelihood production from their animals has been harsh on the rural poor. Founded by veterinarians interested in livestock development, Anthra develops sustainable alternatives in consultation with affected groups.
January 2003

Locking horns over culture and business
The government of India has systematically converted the 'localised, environment friendly, energy- and water-efficient, knowledge-driven agri'culture' into a centralised energy- and water-inefficient, technology- and private-profit-driven agri'business'. Sangeetha Sriram discusses industrial slaughter and export oriented meat processing, and the dangers they pose to traditional farmlife.
June 2002

Holy cows, global markets
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (P.E.T.A.) has encouraged retailers throughout the United States and in the European Union to stop importing goods made from animals slaughtered in India. This is an issue about India, its people who work in difficult conditions, its people abroad who have an understanding of the reality that is India, and the possibility of better worlds elsewhere. It is a story about culture, and religion, and poverty and decency. India Together studies a holy cow by its broken tail.
July 2000