Combat Law : The Human Rights magazine
Volume 3, Issue 3: Urban housing in India

  • Imaginary cities
    There are several questions about the nature of "planning" itself. Who makes these plans? Who are they made for? Do the planners take into account actual data from the study of how cities grow, asks Dunu Roy.

  • Setting the habitat agenda
    Rajeev John George

  • Linking urban poverty and housing
    Ranjit Ambastha

  • Rights to shelter - a fundamental right
    Maharukh Adenwalla

  • Public purpose sans public
    Belu George

  • Tackling evictions
    Dr. K. Shanmugavelayutham

  • Town planning in India
    Rajeev John George

  • National slum policy
    A critical analysis

  • Housing rights initiative in India
    Sushil George

  • Working on the issue of homelessness
    Indu Prakash Singh

  • Voting rights for the homeless

  • Hyderabad master plan intervention
    Usha Rani


  • Does our law help the injured to die?
    Rohan Menon

  • Protecting civil liberties
    Girish Agrawal

  • Israel and Palestine: Another brick in the 'wall'.
    Betwa Sharma

  • A father's search for justice
    Arunjeev Singh Walia

  • Manipur - The naked protest
    A report by the UN Association.

  • Widows in Manipur
    Kim Gangte

  • Can society escape the noose?

  • Hunting witches, or hunting women?
    Gladson Dungdung

  • Scheme for victims of rape

  • Malnutrition deaths in Maharashtra

  • Immoral traffic (Prevention) Act

  • Compensation for Bhopal victims

  • Redefining rape

  • Adivasis: A tryst with justice