Combat Law : The Human Rights magazine
Volume 3, Issue 2: Water justice

  • Soft drinks, hard realities
    The CSE report into pesticides in soft drinks found high levels in many common brands. The Joint Parliamentary Committee recommended regulations to put adequate safety standards into place. Sanjay Parikh reviews the outcome of a very public effort to protect public health.

  • Making water a human right
    Miloon Kothari.

  • Water for all: Is privatisation the only solution?
    Raajen Singh

  • Coca-Cola: The sparkle of death
    C R Bijoy

  • People's Charter for Water for All

  • Jal ke chal: Woman and water in India
    Damayanti Bhattacharya

  • National Water Policy 2002
    Sanjeev Ghotge

  • Water rights: A legal perspective
    Mihir Desai

  • Privatisation: The role of World Bank, IMF, and WTO.

  • Privatisation of Sheonath river
    A K Singh


  • Patents: Balancing economics and social justice
    Ketan Mukhija & Keerthi N

  • Plunder of the public sector
    Prashant Bhushan

  • Writing disability rights into governance
    Kalpana Kannabiran

  • Funding court-appointed committees
    Sukanya Pani

  • High Court on strike?
    Arunjeev Singh Walia

  • Making private schools affordable
    Ashok Agarwal

  • Education: A trade, profession, occupation or business?
    Justice H. Suresh(Retd.)

  • Regaining lost innocence
    Parul Sharma

  • Beyond the protection of juvenile legislation
    Maharukh Adenwalia

  • Protect freedom of expression

  • Religion not to be mixed with secularism

  • Another indictment of the Gujarat government