Combat Law : The Human Rights magazine
Volume 3, Issue 1: Children's Rights

  • Children's rights in Shining India
    Despite Constitutional guarantees of opportunity and civil rights, millions of children face wide-spread deprivation and discrimination. A large part of this stems from being seen hrough the lens of adults who make decisions for them, and who prefer to address their welfare rather than their rights, says Enakshi Ganguly Thukral.

  • Keeping a watch on child rights in India
    Razia Ismail Abbasi

  • Globalisation: Will our children pay the price?
    Illa. D. Hukku

  • Convention on the Rights of the Child: Achievements and Challenges
    Jaap. E. Doek

  • Bringing Child Rights on the WSF agenda
    Kavitha Krishnamoorthy: The World Social Forum, Mumbai saw child rights groups form a coalition.

  • Holding governments accountable
    Rita Vohra

  • Sexual exploitation of children
    Aparna Bhat

  • Child sexual abuse - Time for action
    Prathiba Menon

  • Beyond the Protection of Juvenile Legislation
    Maharukh Adenwalla

  • Child labour and cultural relativisms
    Parul Sharma

  • Critical analysis of adoption law
    Shibani Ghosh

  • Corporal punishment
    Alok Gupta


  • Punthamba - A Fight for Justice
    A fact finding report of the demolition of adivasi huts and cops in Punthambha, Ahmednagar District, Maharashtra.

  • Larzish - Saying it through Films
    A round-up of the first International Film Festival of Sexuality and Gender Plurality.

  • A Movement for Repeal of POTA
    Report on the People?s tribunal on POTA and other security legislations.

  • Branding women
    A fact finding report reveals the use of witch hunting as yet another means of oppression of women in the tribal belts of Nandurbar, Maharashtra.

  • Sati Judgement
    An appeal.

  • Passing the Saffron Buck
    Hoshedar Havewala A violation of human rights is used by communal forces to spark tension in Jhabua, Madhya Pradesh.

  • Rule of Law - A Fugitive
    K.G.Kannabiran Increasing corruption and brazen bending of the judiciary by people holding public offices intensifies the need of a Special law.

  • Shifting the Balance?
    Prashant Bhushan Has the Philosophy of the Supreme Court on Public Interest Litigation changed in the era of Liberalisation?

  • DNA fingerprinting - a Legal Perspective
    Abhijeet Sharma

  • Cyber Crime and Indian Society
    Anuradha Parasar A pragmatic approach of all concerned is needed to tackle this crime still in its nascent stage in India.

  • Tea Garden Workers - Abandoned to Death
    Sunil Scaria

  • Adivasi Tradition as a Crime
    Stan Swamy Adivasi tradition of dispute-resolution is made out as a criminal offence.

  • Accessing justice
    Hridey Pal Singh The right of the accused to a copy of the First Information Report will go a long way in ensuring justice.

  • A Model for All?
    Veena Kumari A jailbreak at the Model Jain in Chandigarh leads to suspension of human rights of inmates and harrasment of their families.

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