Combat Law : The Human Rights magazine
Volume 2, Issue 6: Corporate crime

  • The right to strike
    Anirudh Rastogi & Siddharth Srivastava: A critique of the Supreme Court judgment on strikes

  • Corporate crimes condoned
    Nityanand Jayaraman: Indian Corporates are rarely punished for their shenanigans. Time to make them accountable.

  • The corporate camouflage
    Corporate Criminal Liability theories explained

  • Vanishing companies
    Sonu Chinna: Despite ring-fencing in the market, companies loot investors and continue to vanish into the maze of regulations.

  • Losing ground beneath her feet
    Geeta Seshu: Women today are victims of corporate crimes both in and out of their work workspace increasing their vulnerability.

  • Muted labour
    Lina Mathias: With increasing globalisation workers find redressal avenues shrinking.

  • Integrity in the pharmaceutical industry
    Vinod Shetty: Pfizer's termination of its employees brings to light kickbacks and dubious business practices.

  • Too hot to handle
    The Indian economy drains while Mauritius economy gains. Can the Indian judiciary help?

  • Use and abuse of workers
    Sunil Scaria: The experiences of the Indian People's Tribunal in investigating instances of corporate crime.

  • The chemical cocktail
    Kavita Kuruganti: Worms in chocolates and pesticides in Cola. Why and how do multi-nationals get away with it in India?

  • Bureaucratic travails
    Arun Bhatia: The former Pune Municipal Commissioner recounts his battle with Glaxo.

  • The toxic legacy - Bhopal
    Satinath Sarangi: Twenty years after the Bhopal tragedy, justice still eludes the victims.

  • Education la Enron
    Ketan Tanna: Enron educated the Indian politicians handsomely. Will it ever pay for its crimes in India?

  • Worst of both worlds
    Abhay Mehta: Need for a fresh look at liberalisation, privatisation and free market globalisation.

  • Corporate criminal liability
    An International Comparative Study

  • Making - Another world possible?
    A look at the World Social Forum 2004

  • A glimpse of Leftist Bengal
    Kirity Roy: Series of deaths in court lock up rocks civil society.

  • Nowhere to run
    Preeti Verma: A fact finding report on the Forced Eviction of Chin Refugees in Mizoram.

  • Designer babies
    Dr. Vibhuti Patel: Widespread abuse of sex pre-selection has led to a skewed sex ratio and missing girls.

  • Drug prices set to soar
    Colin Gonsalves