Combat Law : The Human Rights magazine
Volume 2, Issue 5: Adivasis

  • Driven to bondage and starvation
    Shiraz Bulsara: Adivasi migrant labour - a disaggregate and unprotected workforce.

  • Internal colonialism

  • Tribal forest interface - logic of survival
    Pradip Prabhu

  • Questions about a road
    Pankaj Sekhsaria: Questions about the Andaman Trunk Road must be asked before it is too late.

  • Unequal access to justice
    Brian Lobo: Experiences and lessons of seeking justice in the courts on behalf of tribal communities and individuals in general and regarding mass displacement in particular

  • Lessons from Mutanga
    C.R.Bijoy: Injustice in God's own Country: The Adivasi Uprising in Kerala

  • Customary law triumphs in South Africa
    Alok Gupta

  • PESA and the illusions of tribal self-governance
    Pradip Prabhu

  • Jharkhand government usurping tribal land

  • On arresting women
    Rohan Menon: The recent Supreme Court judgment on what the police must and must not do while arresting women raises many fears and doubts.

  • A rape victim speaks
    Anjana Mishra

  • Workers' suicides and their perpetrators
    Report of the joint fact finding committee into the deaths of Anant Dalvi and Akhtar Khan, two workers of the Tata Electric Companies? project in Trombay.

  • An ideal law, but only on paper?
    Pratibha Menon: A critique of the Goa Children's Act, 2003

  • A meaningless Bill on school education
    Ashok Agarwal: The Draft Free and Compulsory Education for Children Bill, 2003 is certainly not aimed at giving quality education to poor children.

  • Intimidated witnesses and victims: Treated with hostility
    Saumya Uma

  • Judiciary: A.P Chapter

  • Dealing with the sand mafia in U.P.
    Tirtho Banerjee

  • The other face of America
    Annanya Bhattacharjee: Blacks, coloured people and immigrants not only get a raw deal in American society but find themselves victimised by the official administration and judicial system.