Combat Law : The Human Rights magazine
Volume 2, Issue 4: Marginalized sexualities and genders

  • Redefining Oppressions and Articulating Rights
    Shalini Mahajan: Marginalised sexualities and genders in India

  • Gender in the Construction of Nations
    Urvashi Butalia

  • Section 377 - Weapon of Persecution
    Aditya Bondopadhyay

  • Law and Discrimination Against Homosexuals
    Mihir Desai

  • Human Rights and Sexual Orientation
    Daniel J Lee

  • Indian LGBT in the Time of Cholera
    Ashley Tellis

  • From Bits to Qbits
    Chayanika Shah

  • In Discussion: Sunila Abeysekhara
    Shalini Mahajan

  • In Discussion: Nighat Said Khan
    Shalini Mahajan

  • Voicing the Invisible: Violence Against Lesbians in India
    Bina Fernandez & Gomathy N.B

  • The Human Rights of an 'Unpeople'
    Arvind Narrain

  • Complicating Gender: Rights of Transexuals
    Ashwini Sukthankar

  • Acknowledging our Desires
    Gautam Bhan

  • HIV: A Lens on Sexuality
    Surabhi Kukke

  • Breaking Gender Stereotypes
    Tejal Shah

  • Review of LGBT Publications

  • Begging the Question
    Sushil Kumar Singh

  • Also Warriors in the Struggle
    Kumidini Samuel

  • Looking for a Postive Treatment
    PIL seeks treatment for AIDS patients in public hospitals

  • Secularism and Judicial Interpretation
    Celina Jenkins & Saurabh Bhatacharjee

  • A Matter of Right(s)
    Harsh Mander

  • Jharkhand - A Free for All
    Stan Swamy

  • New Government, Old Ways
    K. Murali

  • Towards Societal Ownership of Environment
    Sukanya Pani

  • Shipbreaking: Legal challenges
    Sunita Dubey