07 APRIL 2020
Women : Authority
The women whose voices we seek to stifle, but can’t

High rhetoric and token gestures abound on International Women’s Day. Yet, a brave woman of the soil was threatened, attacked and prevented from holding a rally that would have voiced the real issues faced by many women. Freny Manecksha met Soni Sori days before she was attacked, and recounts her story.


Empowering rural women: Moving beyond 50 percent
April 2015 elections to Karnataka’s gram panchayats will see a high representation of women, given 50 percent reservation at all tiers, but how can one ensure real authority for women in local governance? The recently proposed amendments to the Karnataka Panchayat Raj Act may hold some answers.

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Competing effectively in MP panchayats
Panchayats of Madhya Pradesh provide reservation of up to 50 per cent for women, but the participation of women in governance has gone beyond such new roles. Shirish Khare reports on how women leaders are transforming the very traditions and symbols of grassroots politics.

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Discarding veils, embracing change
Displaying extraordinary grit, courage and openness to change, women from some of the most feudal communities in Rajasthan's villages are changing the rules forever and leading development and local governance at the grassroots. Abha Sharma brings us their tales.

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Power dressing
Commenting on the dress sense and looks of women in power is only one aspect of the tendency to run down their success. And women are expected to laugh this off, writes Kalpana Sharma.

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A law with flaws
If the government fails to take on board some of the constructive suggestions made on the draft Women's Reservation Bill, it might not serve the purpose for which it has been conceived, writes Kalpana Sharma.

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Many more Mayawatis
They cannot compete with Mayawati, or Jayalalitha or Sonia Gandhi. But the new breed of women politicians springing up in India's small towns will become a political force to reckon with in the years to come, writes Kalpana Sharma.

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Moving beyond symbols
The question before us women is whether Pratibha Patil's imminent election as President has any meaning for us, whether it will make any difference to women in India, and whether we should welcome such a symbolic gesture on the part of the ruling alliance, writes Kalpana Sharma.

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Thwarting women in power
Thousands of women in Madhya Pradesh were elected in the last panchayat elections; since then, the story has taken a dismal turn. More than 1,300 women sarpanchs face false charges of corruption. About 50 have been removed from office through forced no-confidence motions. They have been threatened and humiliated. Shuriah Niazi reports.

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Learning to be leaders
Meena Bai Mehra, 45, is a bangle-seller and also a first time village council member. She, along with 34 other elected women were recently the first batch of students at a leadership academy in Amarwara, Madhya Pradesh. The journey for these women from voicelessness to confidence is a tough but chartable one, finds Madhu Gurung.

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The silent revolution
Despite the severe social and political constraints in our country, the last 10 years have witnessed steady progress in women's political empowerment in India. George Mathew takes stock.

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A few good women
Women who have led some of India's best-known people's movements are angry at being sidelined when the struggle ends. Manipadma Jena reports.